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A+ Sample Investment Banking Resume CV

Louis Winthorpe

70 Washington Square, New York, NY, 94305  |  (212) 254 xxxx |


Trump University          New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Economics            Expected May 2012

•           Major GPA 3.9, Cumulative GPA 3.7 and SAT 2220

•           Relevant coursework: Corporate Finance, Equities Analysis, Venture Capital and Macroeconomics

•           Honors: Dean’s List (2010-2011) and ‘Top Student in Corporate Finance’ Award (Class of 250 students)

Soros University           London, UK

Study Abroad Program            Jan 2010 – May 2010

•           Studied the history of financial crises and co-authored a 20,000 word paper on the Northern Rock bank collapse; paper was later published on, a finance blog that receives over 110,000 unique visitors per month


Silverman Jaks New York, NY

Summer Analyst, M&A Jun 2011 – Aug 2011

•           $10B Strategic Acquisition of Software Company by Market Leader – Mock M&A Competition

Acting for the acquirer, our team of 3 interns evaluated the deal using public company comparables, precedent transactions and DCF analysis; calculations showed the target was undervalued by 17%

Delivered a 30 slide PowerPoint presentation outlining our analysis to 5 Silverman Jaks senior bankers (representing the acquiring company); awarded 2nd place in a field of 11 teams due to accuracy of valuation

•           $40B Oil Industry in Western Kazakhstan Report

Worked with 2 analysts from Silverman Jaks’ Munich office, Germany, to gather primary research on WK crude oil reserves and production levels; required dozens of emails and 5 conference calls, all conducted in German

Compiled 50 page report, which was later used by the team to prepare 2 pitch books for 6 US based clients

•           Preliminary M&A Research for a $7B Hong Kong Private Equity Client

Led team of 5 interns to research and analyze 15 oil companies in Canada; created company profiles for all 15 and built a DCF model for 3, one of which was used by the group in an early stage meeting with the client

KC Accountants           New York, NY

Summer Intern, Rotational Program    Jun 2010 – Jul 2010

•           Analyzed the monthly financial statements of a $2M dollar boutique food retailer and by subsequently implementing a debtor restructuring program managed to reduce accounts receivable by 22 days, resulting in improved liquidity (17% increase) and an additional $25,000 cash surplus for the client

•           Brought in 3 new clients (legal practice, dentist office and rehabilitation gym) after providing 20 free financial ‘health checks’ to local small businesses; a self-initiated project which the accounting firm now uses with all new interns

Trump University Investment Banking Club      New York, NY

Treasurer         Sep 2008 – Dec 2009

•           Cut non-essential member services by 40% resulting in the club’s accounts returning to surplus within 6 months; whilst increasing member satisfaction by halving the annual membership fee

•           Brought on 2 more boutique investment banks to sponsor our annual mock IPO competition; each donating $3,000


•           Languages: German (Fluent) and Chinese Mandarin (Beginner)

•           Activities: Trump University 3rd Basketball Team (Point Guard) and Big Brother (Reading Program)

•           Interests: Ultra Running (Completed the 100 mile Death Valley course in 2009), Chongqing Tech Industry (Hold 4 investments in CQ social media startups via Hong Kong boutique fund) and travelling North Asia by bike

How Real Estate Net Present Value Works

Net present value (or NPV) is a real estate investing measure widely used by investors for investment real estate analysis for a specific purpose: Net present value tells the investor whether his or her target rate of return will be achieved by a property and in turn, whether the property should attract the investor’s capital into that investment.

Here’s the technical interpretation.

The net present value model is based on a decision rule that states if the discounted present value of future benefits is equal to or greater than the cost of those benefits it is a profitable opportunity. Whereas, if the present value of the future benefits is less than the cost for those benefits, the rate of return will not be achieved and chances are good that the investor should take another look.

Okay, let’s frame the idea with a simple illustration.

When you place your money into a savings account (i.e., invest your capital) you expect it to earn interest (i.e., provide future benefits). The bank dictates the return and you are either willing or unwilling to tie up your capital based upon your acceptance of that return. For example, whereas you might deposit $10,000 to earn 3.8% interest, you might not make the investment to earn 1.2% interest.

Now suppose a bank doesn’t quote an interest rate. Let’s say you are only quoted what amount of money you’ll collect in the future. That next year you will collect $10,300 with a deposit of $10,000 today and there’s no mention of interest rate. How would you know what yield your investment is earning?

That’s the dilemma real estate investors face when analyzing income property. Whereas there’s a projection for an investment amount and future benefit, there’s no mention of yield. The individual investor has no idea what rate of return is achieved based upon that data alone and therefore has no way to compare it to other potential investment opportunities adequately.

This is where net present value comes in to play.

The NPV approach to investment value takes your desired rate of return and essentially tells you if the future cash flows (benefits) from a property achieve that yield on your capital investment or not. In other words, you state the yield you want, and NPV will inform you whether that target yield is achieved.

How It Works

NPV discounts all future cash flows by the desired rate of return to arrive at a present value of those future cash flows, and then it deducts that amount from the initial equity, or initial capital invested. The result is a dollar amount that will always be either negative, zero, or positive.

How to Interpret

1) Negative dollar amount – This means that the present value of future benefits is less than the amount invested and that the specified rate of return is not met. In other words, you might want find another property to make your investment.

2) Zero dollar amount – This signifies that the present value of future benefits equals the amount of the investment and that the desired yield is perfectly met. In other words, the property will achieve the return you want with nothing to spare.

3) Positive dollar amount – This reveals that the desired rate of return is met with room to spare. In other words, you might have come across a keeper.

Net present value is certainly worth knowing, and when properly used can help you evaluate your next real estate investment opportunity. Just bear in mind that it is only one small aspect of real estate investing analysis, should never dictate an investment decision, and is certainly not without its shortcomings.

Yes, NPV will provide you the opportunity to evaluate projects using the same rate of return requirements, but it will not provide any useful information concerning one project over another from a risk standpoint.

Finally, I should add that it’s impractical to calculate NPV without a financial calculator or quality real estate investment software. If you are serious about real estate investing then by all means make the investment in a good real estate software solution that computes net present value and provides other real estate analysis features that will benefit you as well.

Here’s to your real estate investing success.

How to Get Short Term Loan With Bad Credit Rating

Got a bad credit rep? Fear not! Payday loans got you covered. Payday loans are a perfect way of getting short term loan if you’re amidst a financial crisis. As the name suggests, payday loans are extremely short term loans that tide you through the remainder of the month if you suddenly get broke. You need to repay the loan on your next when you get your next pay cheque.

The best part about payday loans is that you can acquire these short term loans even if you have a bad credit score. The payday lenders generally do not check your credit rating before disbursing these loans. But, there is a catch. As these loans can be given to anyone with a job, there is more risk on the part of the lender and that is why the interest rates on these loans is quite high. The quick money lending payday lenders can charge you as high as up to £25 for every £100 that you borrow. Therefore, it is important that you use the payday loans wisely and seek their help only as a last resort.

You can apply for payday loans easily if you run out of cash due to an emergency. An emergency like your car breaking down or some medical condition can crop up without a warning. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry even if you suddenly need cash at 2 in the morning. Most payday lenders run their business online. That means they are available 24 x 7. All you need to apply for a payday loan is an internet connection. As soon as you fill up the online loan application form, the process starts and the amount gets credited to your account within 24 hours. Some payday lenders complete the transaction even within an hour.

In order to be eligible for payday loans, all you need is a bank account and a steady job where you receive a pay cheque every month. If you have these two things and are above the age of 18, you can easily get quick cash whenever you need it.

But, as mentioned earlier, the interest rates on payday loans are quite high, therefore we recommend you use them wisely and only in the case of emergencies. If you use these loans for supporting a lifestyle that you cannot afford, you can get into a vicious cycle of debt from which you’ll find it really difficult to escape from. Also, only borrow from payday lenders if you’re absolutely sure that you can return the principal amount and interest on time, otherwise you’ll receive a penalty on top of already high interest.

Financial Planning in Sydney Saves Your Present and Future

At every phase of life one needs money, from the beginning of the life till the ending, but surely everybody don’t start earning and continues earning at all the steps of life and also are certain responsibilities, one needs to take care of at various levels of life. Economic planning is extremely important to pay such responsibilities and to pay upcoming financial requirements. Financial Planning in Sydney is actually a process of guaranteeing the supply of money where and when it is needed and to optimize the return of financial savings.

financial planning in SydneyIn layman vocabulary monetary planning could be a budget or perhaps plan to save current and long run income for certain group obligations such as marriage, education as well as Medicine. This plan of action allocates long run income to several types of expenditures, for example rent or utilities, as well as reserves some earnings for short-term plus long-term savings. Financial planning in Sydney also has investment of current and future income in some ventures or property to build maximum dividends on the savings, couple of such ventures can be an investment in start up business plan, Investment in stock exchange and in real estate investment.

When we invest in funds plus associated lending options such as bonds we overlook the loss related to instant access to the cash. More specifically, while investing in an economic product usually there remain managing charges or processing costs. Again regarding withdrawing the quantity before the period of maturity a foreclosure fee is added. It’s always important to make sure that the return of the spent amount must be greater than what invested and this too after all types of deductions. Additionally, it has been observed most of the financial companies charge a specific amount as penalty if the fund is taken out. In turn the individual even gets a lesser amount than he/ she invested. This is indeed often a negative situation for the investor.
A skilled financial consultant helps by giving transparency regarding distinctive investment strategies or ideas. The data about minimal amount you need to maintain after investment or other account associated charges or fees needs to get resolved. These are plainly known when the expenditure is initiated with involvement of an appropriate financial consultant. A Sydney monetary planner can help when you invest from any nooks of Australia. In this particular e-era information trade or consultation is a subject of a couple of seconds with best usage of internet technologies.

So if you’re looking to employ a financial planner in that case what is preventing you? Perhaps that you question of the efficiency of financial consultant, you are thinking aboutfinancial planning Sydney. Inquire and ask as much as you can. Inquire from your buddies or referrals already getting services of a financial consultant, question them about the functionality of their financial consultant and sum they have gained by different investment procedures and policies. Inquire from financial planners you are thinking about hiring for your monetary planning approach, asking the length of time they’ve been in the industry along with what are their biggest successes, ask about how many clients, what their qualifications are, how they function, and so on.

Business finance – Meaning and concepts covered

Anything that has got to do with money, its management, accountability of the same, transactions, running of a company, costs etc. is covered under a wide terminology known asbusiness finance. Let us look at some of the basic concepts that are involved here.

Health of a company

One of the main concepts involved in the financial market is to check the health of a company. By health, we mean the company’s capacity to sustain financially. This is done by checking the cash flow of a company. This will help you ascertain if a company has enough cash inflow to meet the expenses. In other words, it simply helps you understand, if the company is healthy or not, when it comes to its finances. By knowing this, you can arrive at an important decision of knowing if it is worthy to invest in this company or not.

Kinds of inflow

Businesses can borrow money from a lot of sources to run their operations. Some of the most important sources ofcapitalare equity, investments from venture capitalists and the like. The art of knowing the various sources of finance, how to utilise them to the maximum possible extent, what risks are one subjected to in each of these sources, what level of inflow can one expect them, how to develop further with these sources etc. are all widely covered in the concept of business finance.

Arithmetical formulae

For the benefit of owners, there are some formulae available in the financial market for calculating the soundness of their venture.. For example, a company’s current ratio can be calculated with the help of formula, current assets/current liabilities. In order to check a company’s quick ratio, that is, how quickly a company is able to generate cash for its needs, the formula is quick assets/current liabilities.

Important terms

Some of the important terms used in this field are cash flow, budget, balance sheet, dividends and the like. They are not jargons and it is important for everyone involved in this field to know about these. Only if the proper meaning, inclusions, exclusions and applications of these terms are understood properly, will an owner be able to sustain himself in the competitive world today. Today, there are lots of businesses vying for competition and it is important to have a unique edge over the other if you want to position yourself in the minds of customer. This edge could be in terms of your knowledge. You can get this by hiring experts in this department.

Importance of calculator

Calculators are available in the market in different brands from Casio, Sharp, Canon, Texas, HP, to Philips, and many more. Many other types  of calculators are obtainable in the market such as desktop, basic, dictionaries, fraction, graphic, business, scientific, financial and others. If one wishes to buy second hand calculators, one can even get the related information online. Calculators are useful tool in learning mathematics for children. In today’s world, nobody has enough time to waste on calculations done manually so buying a calculator is the best choice to make as a lot of time can be saved. Especially for retailers and wholesalers, calculators are the prime necessity as their work is based on doing calculations. If one makes a mistake while calculating, this can lead to a lot of trouble, so it is always advisable to do it by using a calculator rather than doing it manually. These are available in the market in varied shapes and sizes, different features vary from model to model. The advantage of calculators made it into one powerful computing tool. The ultimate advantage that attracts the buyers is its size as it can fit into the pocket very easily. This inexpensive device can be used by people belonging to all groups.

With all these features such as independent memory, independent add register, mark up percent, password options, right shift key, tax calculation and many more, calculators have become a choice for almost everyone. Details regarding different brands, patterns, shapes and sizes, designs are available on websites and this information is of great help as one can tab on various sites before making a decision. The fundamental difference between calculators and computers is that computers can be programmed to perform different tasks while calculators are pre-designed with specific functions built in, for example addition, multiplication, logarithms, and many more functions, these can be used to handle numbers, they can also manipulate words, images or sounds and other tasks they have been programmed to handle. The calculators are available at affordable prices and the range differs from different models and designs and the buying them cannot be avoided especially by businessman.

Look for Bad Credit Mortgage Lender in Houston for Refinancing

Your credit history is one of the most important details that lenders consider when approving you for a mortgage. Bad credit or a low credit score will lower the ability to get a mortgage, as lenders will consider you at risk of defaulting on your loan. Obtaining a mortgage has become even more difficult due to the struggling economy and the record number of foreclosures in the housing market. Your credit score is a numerical reflection of the times of credit available to you as well as the terms that lenders are willing to offer. Your credit score is generally based on your past credit history – your behaviour as a borrower. You are rated on whether you make payments on time, how often you make new credit enquiries, the length of your credit history and the types of credit you use.

Mortgage lenders look at a host of factors when deciding whether or not to lend you money. One of those factors is your credit card score. But another factor is your down payment score. With some lenders, you may be able to offset a weak credit card score with a higher down payment. With a bigger down payment, you will have more equity in your home, which means the lender takes less of a risk when lending you a mortgage loan for bad credit in Houston.

When bad credit mortgage lender in Houston looks at your loan application, he or she will take into account your ability to pay your current expenses (rent, utilities, credit card payments) on time every month. The lenders will also check that you have been employed with a steady income for at least two years and are making enough money to all your bills every month. If you are self-employed, you should try to maintain a steady annual salary. Being self-employed and having a low credit score can lead to some frustration when applying for a mortgage.

When you have bad credit or a low credit score, lenders may offer you a sub-prime mortgage. Lenders charge higher interest rates on sub-prime mortgages in order to compensate for the higher loan default risk they are taking on the mortgage. This works the other way too: the better your credit score is, the lower your interest rate on your mortgage will be.

If your current financial state needs improvement, or if your credit score is too low to qualify for a loan, it may be a good idea to hold off on applying for a mortgage.

Christmas is the Time to Tame Your Bad Credit History

Do you want to make this Christmas the most enjoyable part of your life? Do you want o give yourself a great bonanza on this Christmas? But what is troubling you is the bad credit history! Right! You do not have to worry about anything, because there are smart and new options on the Christmas loan for bad credit borrowers. This Christmas, you will enjoy double bonanza – First you will enjoy the Christmas celebrations, and second, you have the finances to eliminate your bad credit history. Quite amazingly, this double bonanza will lend you more than what you had ever thought.

Christmas is the time of enjoyment, celebrations and moreover engaging with most of the social activities. These activities need involvement of the friends and other people. The greatest of joys come to your family and friends, and this brings quite a warm and willing Christmas.

Activities such as decorating your interiors and keeping your enjoyment levels to the extreme, is just what matters, and you have all of it coming into your life with the Christmas loans. Rather than dipping into your savings at the last minute, take advantage of bad credit Christmas Loan, which offers competitive financing for one-time loans like Christmas presents. It is the time to give the smartest retreat to you – give the peace of mind. This is where you will enjoy the Christmas.

Celebrate this Christmas on the Budget

It is the Christmas time, and you are on a budget. Families with children in Britain are offering amazingly superb options to enjoy for the friends, children and family members. Borrowing money is the formation of a commitment that has consequences if it is not maintained. Only borrow what you are sure you can afford to repay back and avoid negatively affecting your credit score and file. The Christmas loans are going to improve or eliminate the red part of your credit rating, and make the difference. If you want to make the Christmas party, it would be the good idea to go for the bad credit Christmas loan.

Why the Bad Credit Christmas Loans are Meritorious

• Competitive rates for short-term vacation or holiday-related needs

• More reliable and affordable than any other personal loan

• Easy decision-making and processing

• Helpful, member-first service throughout the entire process

• Available all through the Christmas season

• Interest rates are equitable

• Repayment terms settled to the maximum of 12 months

Talk with the well qualified and experienced online credit Lender and you will find majority of choices. The Christmas loan for bad credit borrower will improve your credit ranking, and moreover it gives one of the reasons to make your Christmas party memorable. Make sure you are not approaching the pawn shops around. These shops might provide you great offers, but certainly, you will not have the loan for your needs. It is quite important to make the financial difference in your life, and that’s where the bad credit Christmas loans will save you.

It is the time to think of the Christmas party and the jubilations!

15 Most Common Investment Banking & Finance Interview Questions

15 Most Common Investment Banking & Finance Interview Questions

Some of the most common banking interview questions for an investment banking interview include (some are a bit on the tough side but they DO come up very often, increasingly as a means of trimming down the candidate lists as the finance graduate job market gets harsher):

  1. How many degrees (if any) are there in the angle between the hour and the minute hands of a clock when the time is a quarter past three?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for entry level investment banking graduate jobs]
  2. Find the smallest positive integer that leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by 2, a remainder of 2 when divided by 3, a remainder of 3 when divided by 4, … and a remainder of 9 when divided by 10
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for quantitative investment banking finance jobs]
  3. Two standard options have exactly the same features, expect that one has long maturity, and the other has short maturity. Which one has the higher gamma?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for bank derivatives trading jobs]
  4. How do you calculate an option’s delta?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for derivatives trading jobs]
  5. When can hedging an options position make you take on more risk?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for trading jobs]
  6. Are you better off using implied standard deviation or historical standard deviation to forecast volatility? Why?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for quantitative finance jobs]
  7. Describe “duration” and “convexity”. Describe their properties and uses
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for graduate investment banking jobs]

  8. Two players A and B play a marble game. Each player has both a red and a blue marble. They present one marble to each other. If both present red, A wins $3. If both present blue, A wins $1. If the colours do not match, B wins $2.
    Is it better to be A or B, or does it matter?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for quantitative finance or derivatives jobs]
  9. How do you “value” yourself? Here “value” means in financial terms
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for MBA finance jobs or experienced banking hires]
  10. What distinguishes you from other candidates we might hire?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for graduate investment banking vacancies]
  11. If you could go on a cross-country car trip with any three people, who would you choose? Why?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for corporate finance / mergers & acquisitions banking jobs]
  12. Tell be about a stock you like or hate and why
    [Asked by investment banking job interviewers for any accounting, finance or investment banking job!]
  13. What is the difference between default and prepayment risk?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for credit jobs / risk management jobs]
  14. How would you move mount Fuji?
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for consulting jobs or graduate accounting jobs]
  15. Estimate the annual car demand for car batteries
    [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for corporate finance jobs, mergers & acquisition banking jobs or consulting jobs]

How Bad Credit Car Loans No Credit Check Become Destination For Credit Challenged Car Buyers

The car loans for bad credit no credit check have become more common than ever before. The controversies surrounding such dubious appearing car financing have finally been put to rest by tens of thousands of satisfied car owners and car drivers across the country. Millions of Americans are now looking for benefits from some of the advantages of low rate car loans approved without any credit check.The credit challenged consumers will find themselves lucky with the simplified online application to the approval process. The car financing approvals for these online car loans is quicker due to the digital information highway and high speed internet communication through handheld devices.

The bad credit car finance no credit check online application form is streamlined because most of the facts and figures can be easily verified online instantly. The online applicants often receive more than one offer from multiple lenders inform them of interest rates and policy terms. The credit challenged car buyers with any type of credit can look forward to driving their personal vehicle in no time because their applications may be approved within just a few hours at the most. Many of the online lenders offer the convenience of an automaticpayment plan which helps both car dealerships and customers stick to a schedule. The online bad credit auto loans requiring no credit check offer lenient qualifying requirements.

The bad credit car loans no credit check have come to be seen as affordable by credit challenged consumers across the country. The potential car buyers getting their online car financing approved no longer have to worry about the current status of their personal credit profiles. In fact, it is quite appropriate here to mention that tens of thousands of car owners and car drivers have successfully improved their credit standing by repaying these car loans quickly.The car buyers opting for the special bad credit financing without credit check can choose shorter terms. Their repayment within stipulated time frame is a big boost to improved credit.

The car finance no credit check no deposit seems like an opportunity not to be missed, especially when there is no catch! However, one word of caution is to shop around for lower interest rates and the best auto deal before committing. This is simplified due to rapidly developing and wider presence of internet technology removing all pretensions between consumers and sellers.Really, it has become very easy to apply for the dream car financing with car loan for people with bad credit. The online resources have helped tens of thousands of credit challenged car buyers with the no credit check auto loan to get their good safe and reliable car.

The bad credit car finance no credit check terms can offer an affordable monthly car payment to the delight of potential car buyers. This takes out most of the stress associated with the experience of purchase a new or used personal vehicle with poor credit or no credit history.

Employment News

University of Hyderabad Notification For Dy Registrar, Finance Officer & Other Posts Vacancies

University of Hyderabad notification for the recruitment of Vacancies in Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Finance Officer, Director, Deputy Registrar, Medical Officer Posts.

To apply for this job and for more details like the detail of the age and the education, Salary details, selection process , application start date and application last date got mentioned beneath thoroughly.

Vacancy Details:

Total Posts: 11 posts Vacancies

Name of the Posts:

– Registrar: 01 Post

– Controller of Examinations: 01 Post

– Finance Officer: 01 Post

– Director,Computer Centre: 01 Post

– University Engineer: 01 Post

– Internal Audit Officer: 01 post

– Deputy Registrar: 04 Posts

– Medical Officer: 01 Post

Age Limit:

Candidates age should not be more than 56 years.

Educational Qualification:

– For Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Finance Officer, Deputy Registrar:

Complete Master’s degree with at least 55% of the marks.

– For Director ,  Computer Centre :

Complete Master’s degree in Computer Science or in any relevant branch of Sciences or Engineering.

– For Medical Officer:

Complete Master’s degree in Computer Science or in any relevant branch of Sciences or Engineering.

Pay Scale:

– To Registrar:

Rs.37400/- to Rs.67000 + G.P.-Rs.10,000/- per month

– To Controller of Examinations:

Rs.37400/- to Rs.67000 + G.P.-Rs.10,000/- per month

– To Finance Officer:

Rs.37400/- to Rs.67000 + G.P.-Rs.10,000/- per month

– To Director Computer Centre:

Rs.37400/- to Rs.67000 + G.P.-Rs.10,000/- per month

– To University Engineer:

Rs.37400/- to Rs.67000 + G.P.-Rs.8,700/- per month

– To Internal Audit Officer:

Rs.15600/- to Rs.39100/- + G.P-Rs.7,600/- per month

– To Deputy Registrar:

Rs.15600/- to Rs.39100/- + G.P-Rs.7,600/- per month

– To Medical Officer:

Rs.15600/- to Rs.39100/- + G.P-Rs.5,400/- per month

Selection Process:

Selection will be based up on previous track record and interview.

Registration Fee:

– For General, OBC and Third Gender categories candidates have to pay Rs. 1000/- and SC, ST, PWD categories candidates pay Rs. 300/- through online.

Important Date:

Last Date to Apply Online & for Submission of Application: 30-November-2015 by 05:00 P.M.

University of Hyderabad Notification For Dy Registrar, Finance Officer & Other Posts Vacancies

Today students are searching in internet. We are happy to announce for such candidates that they are in right place for updated News, Govt-jobs, IT jobs, Bank Jobs, IBPS, Walkins, Current affairs, Admissions, Hall tickets, Answer key, Results. We are wishing you all the best for you good Results. Here we updating all latest updates of IT Employment News, Govt-jobs, IT jobs, Bank Jobs, IBPS, Walkins, Current affairs, Admissions, Hall tickets, Answer key, Results.Stay tune with us for upcoming and new updates.For more information Click here: Employment News

CCRS, Chennai 2015 Recruitment, 06 Research Officer, Upper Division Clerk & Dresser -Last Date 22 Dec 2015

CCRS, Chennai 2015 Recruitment :

CCRS (Central Council for Research in Siddha), Chennai has recently published a good news about employment,a new notification for 06 Research Officer, Upper Division Clerk & Dresser Posts. This is the time to work with CCRS,it going to provide a opportunity for those type of candidates who are interested to work with CCRS. Now they are inviting to all those eligible aspirants to visit and fill the form with in the submission time and the official website is .

There is a requirement in CCRS for Research Officer, Upper Division Clerk & Dresser 2015. So it is an information to all eligible aspirants to check the official notification to know more important information such as educational qualification,age,application fee, selection process, Number of requirements as per post wise,last date to apply and how to apply for this requirement.This is best opportunity for you,when you want to join in 2015 CCRS.

If you surpass this information to others so first read below details to get brief information regarding to eligibility and others criteria. To Getting more information regarding requirement details,Number of vacancy’s , how a candidate can be selected, education details for the post,apply process for the post that means online or offline , pay scales, application fee, important dates like last date to apply and date of application submission and links are prescribed under in this website for reference of aspirants.Now your in correct place for new updated Employment News IT jobs, Govt jobs ,IBPS Admit Cards and Results. For more important details Click  Employment  News.

2015 Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) In Short :

1 Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) In Short :
2 Download Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS)Notification:

Organization Name : Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) Chennai

Name Of The Post : Research Officer, Upper Division Clerk & Dresser

Job Location : Chennai

Number Of Posts : 06 Posts

Last Date For Application Submission : 22.12.2015

Educational Qualification : Follow Official Notification

Financial Planning Services

Financial planning is careful assessment and evaluation of all the possible ways to invest your money so as to reap the best benefits. The primary concern while planning to invest is maximization of returns and minimization of loss. Financial planning and assessmentcan change the way you lead your life because a financial planner can show you the best way to save and invest. You will soon realize how much is to be invested and how much to be saved.

Financial planning services are highly personalized and care to individualistic needs. They first assess your monthly income, your assets, your spending pattern and then device a plan to best suit your lifestyle. If you follow the framework designed by financial services for you, you can optimize your income by cutting down on unneeded expense and increasing your savings, which will come to use in the long run.

Hiring a financial planning firm can benefit you in several ways. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • Expert advice: We, ordinary human beings, are not well versed with the math of money. We usually don’t understand various policies and the hidden terms and conditions. When we hire an expert in this field, he can offer us his expert advice and give you some careful financial planning and analysis.
  • Helping us out when the market is volatile: Stock markets and investment markets are highly volatile. No one really knows what the next market news will bring with itself. Financial planners are well connected with everyone in the industry and they’re up to date with all the latest information about various companies. As a result, they know which companies are a safe bet and which ones are unsafe.
  • Setting Long term goals: Achieving long terms goals are really tough. Even if you start saving for long term, chances are that you will miss a few instalments or stop saving a few months later. This irregularity happens when there’s no authority over us. Once a financial planner enrols us in any saving scheme, it becomes an obligation to put in money every month. Failing to do so can attract penalty! This ensures that you save for long term.
  • Informing you about new schemes: If your financial planner is good enough, he will always inform you about the latest schemes that can benefit you. Financial planners will ensure that you stay profitable without being too selfish about their own commission!

At times, you do get financial planners who just seek commission in the name of financial wealth management. They don’t see whether the investment they’re making on your name can be a loss making decision. All they’re concerned about is their own fee! Thus, it is better to assess your financial planner carefully upfront. You should ask him all sorts of questions to clear any query that might be present in your mind. Make sure you ask them about their qualification and market experience. If they are well experienced in handling different types of investments, you should be happy.

Fee For Service Financial Planning

What is fee for service financial planning?

Fee for service financial planning is where a client pays their financial adviser a fixed fee for the services and advice they provide.  Much like you would pay your mechanic to service your car.

Currently in Australia there are two main ways that financial planners are paid Commissions and Fee for Service:

  1. Commissions – this is the most common form of remuneration for financial planners in Australia.  It is where product providers or financial institutions pay financial advisers a commission when their client invests or purchases their product or investment.  There are generally two types of commission that are paid:
    – Upfront commissions which is a larger lump sum amount paid to the financial adviser when the product or investment is first set up.  This lump sum amount varies depending upon the arrangement with the provider but is generally around 4%
    – Trail commissions which is a smaller ongoing commission which is paid to the financial planner usually on a monthly basis for the life of the investment or as long as the client retains the product or advises the provider that they have transferred to another financial planner.  The average trail commission is around 0.8% per year.
  2. Fee for Service – this is a less common form of remuneration for financial advisers where instead of receiving payment from the product provider, the client pays their financial planner directly for their time and advice.  Often there will be a set fee either based on an hourly rate and/or packaged based where you can choose to pay for particular services such as a full Statement of Advice or setting up of a Self Managed Super Fund.

Which financial planning payment style is better?  Commission vs fee for service?

There has been a lot of debate in the media about which style of remuneration provides is better for clients.  The overwhelming majority of financial advisers in Australia are still commission based but our opinion is that fee for service financial planning is much better for clients as it lessens the risk of a conflict of interest.  When a financial adviser is paid by a product provider we believe that they are inclined to work for the commission rather than work for the client.  This can result in clients being “sold” into products which may not necessarily be the 100% best option for their needs.  Say your financial planner has 2 options of where to recommend you invest.  One is better for your needs than the other, but the lesser alternative happens to pay the adviser a larger commission.  You can see where the conflict for commission based financial planners arises.

In addition is the problem where most financial advisers in Australia don’t offer advice in areas such as budgeting, savings, and tax structuring as because they aren’t placing their client into a product they don’t get paid.  Many people need this grassroots financial advice from a professional and aren’t getting it for this reason.

At Financial Spectrum, we believe that fee for service financial planning is the way forward.  We know that we are in the minority of financial planners in Australia but we believe that this payment structure offers the best service to our clients and enables us to give advice to our clients in all areas of financial advice.  At the end of the day, it is our clients who pay us for our service and advice, and it is our client that we are working for.

Investment Banking Jobs: A Profitable Career Option

What is so enticing about the investment banking jobs in India?  Is it the big fat pay packages or the ample career progression opportunities or the global exposure, which is making investment banking jobs a lucrative career option? Go ahead with the article post to find out the answer to these questions.


The financial service sector in India has grown essentially in line with the overall growth in the economy. The sector has witnessed increasing maturity against segments, with growing regulatory frameworks and the entry of numerous new players in the market. The Indian banking industry, with a total asset size of Rs. 81 trillion (USD 1.34 trillion) is growing like anything. The banking sector is considered to be the barometer of the economy. The good news is that, India is estimated to become the world’s fastest growing economy by 2017 with a growth rate of 7%, surpassing China along the way, as per the World Bank report. The burgeoning banking industry has unlocked the doors to several career avenues. Out of the numerous career options, investment banking has grown to become one of the most rewarding careers in present scenario.

Understanding Investment Banking

Investment banking is a broad term for a range of activities:

  • Underwriting, selling and trading securities (stocks and bonds)
  • Providing financial advisory services, such as Mergers and Acquisitions advice
  • Managing assets

Investment banks offer these services to companies, governments and non-profit institutions and individuals.

A Career into Investment Banking

Off late, investment banking careers have significantly gained prominence among the students who are interested in making a career in the banking sector. Careers in investment banking require solid quantitative abilities clubbed with excellent sales skills and also not to mention oodles of self confidence. Other necessary traits of a good investor banker include dedication, commitment, hard work and devotion. A proficient investment banker can yield high returns to the company.


Some personal qualities needed in investment banking jobs-

  • Enthusiastic
  • Passionate
  • Pro-active
  • Great Numerical skills
  • Active decision maker
  • Complex problem solver
  • Skills.png

As far as pay packages are concerned in this field, individuals to have an urge to do something out of the league and are able to cope up with the on the job challenges are the ones to make the most out of these jobs. The compensation packages can be extremely lavish, allowing a person to build a great career within a short span of time.

Major Benefits

  • High earning potential careers
  • An exciting career domain full of thrills and financial rewards
  • Global exposure
  • Ample chances to work outside India
  • Learning transferable skills
  • Work with talented, intelligent people
  • Build a network of people

Institutes Providing Investment Banking Education

In the current economic scenario, career as an investment banker can be a profitable option. Several institutes that are now offering training and education in this field are listed, take a look-

  • S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
  • Planman Centre for Higher Education (CHE), Delhi
  • The School of Investment Banking
  • The society of certified investment bankers, Hyderabad
  • Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
  • Mount Caramel Business School, New Delhi
  • IIPM, New Delhi
  • Chennai Business School, Chennai
  • Institute of chartered financial Analyst of India (ICFAI), Tripura

Investment banking is quite an interesting career which promises plush career opportunities and excellent perks. However, one must also keep in mind about on the job challenges and demanding lifestyle.

Impact of World Financial Crisis on the Media Industry


Financial crisis isa situation in which the supply of money is outpaced by the demand for money. This means that liquidity is quickly evaporated because available money is withdrawn from banks, forcing banks either to sell other investments to make up for the shortfall or to collapse. The media industry plays an important role in the provision of information to the public and investors. This presentation looks at how the world financial crisis has affected the media quantity, media content, professionalism and employment in the media industry.


Financial crisis isa situation in which the supply of money is outpaced by the demand for money. This means that liquidity is quickly evaporated because available money is withdrawn from banks, forcing banks either to sell other investments to make up for the shortfall or to collapse ( Financial crisis is caused by a number of factors such as Strategic complementarities in financial markets, Leverage, Asset-liability mismatch, Uncertainty and herd behavior, Regulatory failures, Fraud, Contagion and Recessionary effects (Kolb, Robert 2010 Dwyer, Gerald P. and Paula T. 2009 ).
The world has indeed faced a severe financial crisis of unprecedented dimensions in a world that has never before been so closely connected and interdependent. The consequences are global. The situation is volatile. The current financial crisis is rapidly becoming an economic crisis and threatens to become a social crisis in many countries. The media plays an important role in the passage and dissemination of information. The media plays an important role in how investors look at current information and how our opinions are shaped based on the information they provide. Information constantly streams into homes, offices and even cell phones via television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet (Lorimer, Rowland & Scannell, Patty 1994, John, ed 2004, Dyck,  Natalya V. and Luigi Z,2008 ).

The information can be overwhelming and hard to understand, and determining whom to trust can be confusing. . the global economic downturn has affected countless businesses across the world, forcing them to slash costs, lay off employees, and reduce output. Media businesses are no exception. However, when media businesses are hit, it is not just their turnover that suffers but their primary function, the delivery of news to citizens, feels the impact too. It is evident that the crisis-related financial constraints have had an impact on the breadth, depth and overall quality of media coverage of the relevant current affairs issues and news. More broadcasting and print space is increasingly dedicated to entertainment and tabloid-style information, rather than current affairs, news or educational information (Gentzkow, Matthew, and Jesse 2006, McQuail, Denis. 1992, Pieter J. 2008).

Impact of financial crisis on the media industry

The financial crisis has greatly impacted on the media industry in a number of ways both in the long and the short term as follows:

To start with the global financial crisis has led to the deterioration of the media content and quality of information. despite some progress observed over the past few years with very few leading media outlets introducing new programming content or modern broadcasting technology, the rest of the media market is weaker today compared with two to three years ago. The main reason for the unstable economic situation of the media lies with the perceived strong political and other business interests’ interference in the media. This situation of the media poses serious threats to the quality of information they provide to the audience (Della V,, and EthanK, 2007).

The media employees are very important in both their personal and professional lives as they have to play a major role in strengthening the country’s democratic system and informing the public. In most cases the media remain still challenged in their role by the same old problem, and that is excessive interference of politics, which becomes consequently a major obstacle for the media in fulfilling their mission. we have seen so far an increase in the number of programmes and shows, that is quantity, but certainly not quality. Evidently, there is clearly a lack of the investigative component of journalistic reporting in the media, absolutely the media in general, with very few exceptions, has so far failed miserably to fulfill their mission of providing the public with a platform for informed choices due to the lack of in-depth reporting on important economic, social or other issues. (Lorimer, Rowland & Scannell, Patty 1994, John, ed 2004, Dyck,  Natalya V. and Luigi Z,2008 ).

Due to financial crisis the media is witnessing a lot a process of tabloidisation, where even well-respected media turn to reporting gossip and lifestyle issues, which I believe is something that should not be happening. In view of these there is lack of enthusiasm among professionals for genuine investigative journalism can be largely attributed to the indifference shown by institutions and the general public when it does produce worthwhile findings. The major problem being that these reports are not accompanied by an adequate response from public opinion, the police, prosecutors or courts. It is recognized, of course, that investigative journalism is expensive, since it involves a large commitment of reporting staff that are then not available to cover everyday matters; it also carries costs in terms of travel and gathering information. However, if there is no reaction to the outcome of such investigations the question arises whether they are worth bothering with at all, especially at a time of financial constraint. The situation of public broadcasting is much the same as that of the rest of the media (Della V,, and EthanK, 2007).

Most of the media consumers feel that the public broadcasters are failing to fulfill their obligations to society because, as one may put it, “they are mainly prisoners of the state of politics and the economy,” and are not capable of developing an independent mission. Moreover, where they try to evade the influence of political power centres they fall into another trap: they imitate the behavior of the commercial broadcasters whereby Instead of reporting on all segments of society, they primarily broadcast content to boost their ratings. And by abandoning their public responsibility they cease to be of importance to the public. So, almost all the average consumer paradoxically ends up “Over informed”. This forces the consumers to search for information elsewhere and in the search for reliable information he or she has to look to a range of media, which is not only costly but frustrating. As one put it: “the media speculate more than they present real information on important issues”. The consequence is the consumer becomes apathetic and loses interest in obtaining information at all. This has greatly affected the media industry I that most of the media consumers have lost confidence in the media industry consequently making the media loose value in the society thus leading to abandonment of the traditional media (Gentzkow, Matthew, and Jesse 2006, McQuail, Denis. 1992, Pieter J. 2008).

The financial crisis has led to the increase in the deterioration of editorial independence within the media industry. Despite the significant improvement in broadcasting quality and progress in programming there is a deteriorating situation in news reporting. There is clearly abiased coverage of events and reports by the majority of media outlets, with editorial decisions beingtaken depending on specific political or business allegiances. One has to search for the news indifferent mainstream media in order to be able to come up with an informed opinion majority serving the interests of its politically appointed managers and their patrons, rather than the interest of the public. It is evident that politics and private business do interfere a lot into media matters, and I strongly believe that the editors and journalists bear much responsibility for this situation. It is important to note that in many cases, the state is a significant advertiser in media therefore, by providing uncritical, mercenary coverage, media not only diminish their credibility but they also expose themselves, and their audiences to political manipulation. In effect, governments are using taxpayers’ money to buy positive media coverage, and, by extension, public support. Sometimes the no-ethical-constraints approach is a decision of an individual journalist, not an outlet. These trends of increased politicization of the media, not just through purchased coverage and dubious deals between individual journalists and politicians, but also because of the greater pressure of politically-affiliated owners on their financially strapped, overstretched, and insecure editorial staff is the most worrying in the media industry and this trend has proved to be dangerous in the media industry (Gentzkow, Matthew, and Jesse 2006, McQuail, Denis. 1992, Pieter J. 2008).

As a result of financial crisis there is a total lack of ownership transparency over media outlets’ funding, and despite official records deposited in the regulatory bodies’ archives or other state business registration offices, the situation remains unclear and unexplored. It is in the interest of the media owners to avoid transparency, because it makes it easier for them to interfere in their relationships with their employees, journalists and editors. Many media owners use the media outlets they own as a supporting tool for their other business interests. In addition, with few exceptions, there are noticeably more inexperienced journalists covering day-to-day issues than a few years ago. It will take some time to establish a professional class of specialized journalists. The issue of critical or unbiased reporting is also related to the professional capacity of journalists, it is not that they are unprofessional, but it’s because, in my view, the owners always keep a ‘watchful eye’ on them, and of course, as noted earlier, politics is always behind business in the media industry, so journalists are not always given a chance to express their professionalism. There is an ideal relationship between the owner of a media institution and its editorial policy in the sense that the owner should take care of the accounts and the editor the quality of the newspaper. Lip service is paid to editorial autonomy, which is respected in situations of lesser importance.But otherwise the media are used as a means of defense or attack (Stromberg, David, 2004, 1992, Pieter J. 2008).

The media crisis is also connected to the diffusion of the Internet. The Internet is an inexpensive and pervasive medium to transmit the news swiftly on a global scale. The new technology challenges the traditional media that have enjoyed the monopolies on communication information to the public. The Internet is an opportunity to bypass media companies for the public other than the established media. Due to tabloidization of news selection and headlines, the “ratings war” among the broadcast media, with a tendency to turn the main news broadcasts into infotainment shows, lower quality, lesser frequency and narrower range of topics in investigative reporting, decreased diversity of sources, with stories often based on one interview, increasing reliance news agencies and unconfirmed reports on the internet, blatant hidden advertising of both a commercial and a political nature, increased attempts to use media as a political tool, changes in political rhetoric about the role of media in democracy (persistent accusations of producing ‘only bad news’, frequently addressed to outlets pursuing accountability journalism), in coverage of the crisis, a distinct absence of credible expertise and context, shallower and infrequent coverage of culture and social issues, cuts in regional and international coverage resulting in capital city-centred and inward-looking reporting and superficiality of contents which have led to general disillusionment among audiences and alienation from traditional media, particularly among the middle classes and younger citizens (Aoki & Yukawa. 2003,)

Media consumers say they feel sufficiently misinformed and some admit that they make a conscious effort to avoid all local media or rely on a few trusted bloggers to provide them with necessary information and context. More active people have realized that they can get their news and analysis much faster over the internet, with greater diversity and impartiality, as compared with local TV and the newspapers due to the facts that the internet is a less expensive news outlet in relative terms and that the internet new sources can be said to fall outside the purview of official monitoring, for the most part, since most state agencies are more concerned with monitoring traditional mass media outlets. This is especially the case when it comes to the airwaves which are being monitored completely from above (Stromberg, David, 2004).

An explosion of blogging, micro-blogging and social networks coincided with the financial crisis and has been named by many media consumers, particularly as one of the biggest recent changes in the media landscape. Some traditional outlets in the world have turned this trend to their advantage, expanding their presence on Facebook and Twitter. The financial crisis has also greatly influenced internet users’ behavior and preferences especially among the young generation. Generally there is a trend of increasingly turning to the internet as their primary source of news. Despite the low level of internet penetration worldwide, there is clearly a tendency of most of the people turning to internet forums and online discussion for news as opposed to the traditional media, and this would be one of the few overall biggest changes in recent developments in the media. However, the increase in amount of information on the internet has not translated into a higher quality of content. This is because most of the these blogs, forums or portals are run or managed, for the most part, by non-professional news people, and this may lead to misinterpretation of facts. There is not much original news produced by online portals, but merely translations from other outlets. That is why most consumers of the media would rather search for confirmation in the mainstream media, if they have any special topics of interest in the news. It is true that there is much more information now online as opposed to a few years ago, but this does not necessarily mean an improvement in its quality as we are experiencing only an increase in its volume and not its quality. When it comes to the internet, the aforementioned trends in media are amplified “Internet is full of nonsense,” this trend can be explained as, in times of financial crisis; people are seeking to get the latest news as quickly as possible. They want to find out what is taking place in the global context. The mass shift to the internet has affected the media industry tremendously due to the reduced consumption of the traditional media (Yukawa. 2006, Utagawa. 2005, )

According to those who follow the mass media, the financial crisis has had an impact on this sector as well. It is evident that broadcasters, in particular have suffered as a result of the crisis, and that their financial woes have only deepened due to the drop in advertising. Most print news outlets get by on assistance from various sponsors advertising revenue plays a non-essential role.Editors and TV station directors argue that the situation has really become difficult; not only in terms of generating revenue, through advertising and maintain ad prices, but also that it is becoming harder to even find willing sponsors. So, in some sense, the crisis has affected media private sponsorship, too. Most of the newspapers are much more concerned with the struggle for power and news and events associated with it. Of primary significance for the press is the politicization of information. In other words, a given paper gets sold to that sector of the populace which shares your political outlook. Thus, the growing interest they have in your paper is not necessarily due to any qualitative improvements, but rather due to coverage sensationalizing political turmoil and tussle. In this context, social issues and investigative stories are placed on the back-burner in favor of articles covering political developments and intrigue. If newspapers play their cards right, interest in what they have to say also increases. The business policy of the mass media has changed during the current crisis period and this is why entertainment programming has increased over the airwaves. “The crisis fosters show business activity over the airwaves. Aspects of show business have proliferated due to business necessities. In the past, a TV station could broadcast 20–25 minutes worth of programming of current affairs reportage, based on revenues derived from show business activities. Today, you cannot afford those 25 minutes and you cut it down to ten. The programming balance is changed in favor of ‘fluff’ and programmes in the public interest lose out (Casey, Joseph E. Diego G. and Christopher P. 2010 Reuter, Jonathan, and Eric Z.2006 ).

Financial problems have greatly influenced employment in the media industry as well. Most of the media companies around the world have been forced to undertake major changes towards significant downsizing globally. In order to avoid the fate of the financial crisis, all media sectors have had to cut costs. Some started by reducing staff in non-editorial departments such as marketing, administration and advertising. But it was not enough. Salary freezes, abolition of annual bonuses and wage cuts among editorial staff followed, and, eventually, layoffs of journalists. The number of journalists employed in media is down by more than 50% from the years before. Media companies are constantly being forced to reduce costs, and the journalists’ salaries remain low, which often results in biased reporting. Most of these media companies reduce the cost by cutting on the number of staff so as to reduce personnel costs. Despite the cuts, an attempt is made to maintain the level of programming and the remaining employees were given extra work at the same pay scale. In order to reduce travel and coverage costs, the coverage of the media has been restricted to few kilometers in that they cannot search for information in the deeper ends of the world because of the travel costs being too high (Copeland, Tom, Koller, Tim, & Murrin, Jack. 1991).

As a result of the financial hard times news outlets will think twice about sending reporters to the outlying regions and that regional issues will be neglected. Let’s say that you had news bureaus in six countries and that you were forced to close two and that your pool of 40 reporters was cut to 30. It can have an effect on all that. Due to the crisis, reporters might not get paid for months on end. . on the other hand, Common practice across the world is to use former staff members as freelancers, even if they continue working full time. This, to some extent, eases the budget conditions of the media, but puts journalists at a greater social risk, as freelance relationship can be terminated without notice and compensation and does not have provisions for sick leave or holiday. All this has an impact on the level of professionalism in the field. The quality of news suffers as a result (Cranberg, Gilbert, Bezanson, Randall, & Soloski, John. 2001).

The financial state of journalism, especially of newspapers, has deteriorated after the global crisis due to deduction in advertisement revenue. Advertising revenues, audience shares and circulation data all indicate that the media industry is hard-pressed financially. Advertising revenue is down from last year and staff cuts have been made but there have not been any significant programming changes. The media industry makes a lot of revenue from advertisement and as result of the financial crisis the revenues from advertisement have declined by a larger percentage thus reducing the profits gained in the media industry. This has accelerated the deterioration of the financial situation of the media companies due to the discouragement large corporations from investing in huge advertising outlays. It should be noted that the gross advertising revenues do not reveal a realistic picture of the market, as they are based on price lists, and participants give massive discounts. According to experts, the overall decline in net advertising revenue in all types of media is about 25–30 per cent. The reduced advertising investment has been caused largely by foreign companies, which are big advertisers in the media industry market, trying to optimize and implement cost saving measures. The public service and national electronic media have seen a huge percentage drop in their advertising revenues. The audience share of some national TV channels has also decreased compared with previous years. Public service TV stations lost their significance in most country’s media landscape, but this is only partly and indirectly due to the financial crisis. The most severe losses were registered in the serious printed press. Advertising revenues of dailies and weeklies have dwindled by large percentages, but the loss is even bigger in real revenue terms. Astoundingly, the economic and business press has been hit even more by the drop in advertising revenues than the general-interest print media (Butler, Alexander, and Umit Gurun, 20091992, Pieter J. 2008).

Consumers, media and advertising professionals alike detect increased levels of hidden advertising in media content. It is important to note that the frontier between content and advertisements is totally blurred, particularly in new media. According to the Advertisers Association, in the last six months, bought content in media (articles or broadcasts that appear as genuine journalism, but instead are unmarked advertising) has become a standard service offered by advertising agencies. A highly respected advertising executive even claimed that there are virtually no media in today’s world that do not mislead their audiences by presenting advertising as journalism, and it seems that there are no more constraints, ethical or otherwise to stop editors from using their journalists to write or produce material paid for by advertisers (Brad, and Terrance Odean 2008).

The print media, relatively speaking, finds itself in better straits, even though circulation figures are down. When compared with the airwaves, advertising revenues have not dropped as much. In fact, the print media have been coping with various challenges as a result of the trends in economy and demography switching downward and new technology has begun to spread rapidly( Pieter J. 2008)

While the global economic crisis should affect the newspapers relatively in the short term, influences by the new technology may be lasting rather in the longer term. Under pressure for survival, big media as well as journalists are tested for their professional ethics. The subsequent economic slowdown has significantly influenced advertising spending of sponsoring companies, thus affected advertisement revenue of newspaper publishers. This has accelerated the crisis of the newspapers that have already suffered from long term readership decline. It evident that the total daily newspaper circulations both of morning and evening editions have greatly dropped. The newspapers publishers have incurred greater losses as well as a high drop in their profits reflected by the decline in the sales revenue (Utagawa. 2005)

As a result of financial crisis media ethics has been put in jeopardy. With the media under extreme pressure for survival, media ethics are being tested. In most cases professional journalists are arrested due to committing serious breach of code of ethics. The cases have serious implications for how professional journalists of the media should do their jobs. At the same time, it accelerates estrangement of readerships and viewers from the media. This has significantly affected the profits for the media industry due to deterioration of their image outside (Uesugi. 2008).

Another impact of financial crisis is that it has been difficult for new companies to enter the news media industry. This has greatly impacted on the expansion of the media industry. New technologies, however, may allow much wider new participants in the news media. Indeed, independent online newspapers entered into the news media industry by providing the public with alternative media other than the mass media. These moves of alternative media have not given a blow on the mainstream media yet and their influence over the society has been limited so far. However, the emergence of these online newspapers is important for the public as an alternative media is now in the market beside the established media (Croutea, David, & Hoynes W. 2001,Brad and Terrance O. 2008, Bagdikian, B.H. 1992).

We cannot ignore the fact that the financial crisis has had some positive effects, too. It forced outlets to increase efficiency and invest in online presence. It has also increased resourcefulness among audiences with people consuming more sources in order to form their opinion. The crisis, which has largely bypassed online media, has brought new audiences to the internet. The rapid rise of Twitter and Facebook coincided with the crisis and, combined with the drop in consumers’ disposable income and the need for traditional media to find new audiences, led to an explosion of online communities of consumers (Newhagen, J.E.1999, Pierre-Richard Agenor, 2002)

Finally, it is clear that the media industry in the world at large, with very few exceptions, lack influence, that they are merely abused and exploited, and that they leave the public frustrated and ill served. As one may term it “Some dogs bark, but the caravans pass by and no one gives them a second glance.” Not only has the financial situation exposed the deep underlying crisis of the media in the world, it has made even more remote than ever any prospect of positive change (The Financial Times. 17 May 2009).


In conclusion the negative trends associated with this financial crisis will, if left unattended, diminish opportunities for independent media to provide citizens with balanced in-depth information and thus increase the risk of losing some of the advances made towards democratic journalism and improve media services. Therefore the following are the measures to save the media industry from financial crisis; providing training for journalists in business and economy journalism in order to tackle the problem of insufficient or incompetent coverage of crisis-related issues, targeted support for investigative reporting projects will help to keep dubious governance practices in public view, In communities with limited access to printed media and low internet penetration, a more balanced news delivery can be achieved by means of subsidized subscriptions to quality print media or free distribution of printed copies of online publications, support for public service content is recommended as a response to the trend towards ‘infotainment’ in public media, support for innovative and flexible media business models to ensure sustainable and diverse news delivery. These initiatives will help to ensure that cash-strapped media do not compromise their public function and do not leave citizens poorly informed and open to political manipulation. Reduced export tax for print products, reduced customs duties for imports of printing line equipment as well as special conditions on investments as well.

Investment Banking Basics

The meaning of investment banking is not the financial investment in the banking sector. But in fact, investment banking is a kind of banking function which is used to help clients in creating wealth and funds. The commercial banks use this type of banking in accord with sensible and practical use of the available resources. Not only this, investment banking and people engaged in this sector also provides advice on how to transact in business they are currently in.

Through investment banking, companies can create funds in two ways. They can either draw on public funds from capital market by releasing the stock i.e. corporate finance or they can go to venture capitalists or private equities to become share holders in their company. The field of investment banking is also engaged in giving advice and consultation on how to manage various takeovers and merging i.e. [M&A] merger and acquisitions. They also provide companies with ideas on how to declare public offerings and manage their talents. The handling of mergers and acquisitions come under the corporate finance function of the investment banking. The margin between investment banking and other forms of banking has been very unclear for a long time now and for the same time; the function of this banking sector has grown to covering every field of wealth management process of corporate as well as individual persons.

Corporate Finance: this is the sector where investment banking works and supports companies the most in getting extra money. Lets take an example that a company needs more money to finance the market research of a product to-be launched to stay forward in competition. Here, investment banking can help you by getting your company’s shares sold and raising funds for you. The other way, how an investment bank can get you money is by trading in stocks on behalf of their clients.

[M&A] Merger and Acquisitions: this point doesn’t have any explanation and it can be defined only through an example. Let’s take an example of a company who is going strong in business and market and wish to buy another company just to add more authority to their name and business. Professionals from investment banking sector makes them realize that on merging; both these companies can be a great group and can acquire major part of the market and also the business. They also tell them what are the other benefits of getting merged and also what is the right time according to market conditions for both the companies to get merged into each other.

Among other important functions that investment banking sector performs, sales is the most important one. Sales persons from investment banking sector performs the tasks of a professional sales person. These sales people convince investors and develop relationships with them to sell their stock. They are also ready to provide advice relating to stocks and trading. This advice makes buying and selling of stocks and other business transactions very easy. Research programmers are present to analyze the working and if some shortcoming is seen, they also help by suggesting them the right time to transact in stocks.

Quality Assurance in Banking Investment


Banking Investment or investment banking is part of the financial services industry that offers wide variety of services to corporations and organizations all over the world. The range of products and services is increasing rapidly that has made it difficult to distinguish the most important services because investment banks offer their services in different forms (Turnbull and Moustakatos, 1996) The service is an area that helps companies in funds acquisition, advising for wide range of transactions for future businesses ( it is clear that the investment banking deals with providing financial assistance to the companies for business matters, it is essential to ensure quality service in the area. Therefore quality assurance is the main pillar of any business including profit and nonprofit organizations, government and nongovernmental organizations as it affects the level of success in the business. The quality assurance further helps in conducting other evaluation processes like standards compliance evaluations, brand assurance evaluations, customer or guest experience evaluations, etc. which makes it essential and important in any business organization to maintain a dominant position in the industry market ( In view of the importance of quality assurance, the present paper is intended to discuss the issues and importance related to banking sector particularly in investment banking.

Investment Banking

Investment banks have multilateral functions to execute in favor of various companies. The service mainly deals with companies like helping private and public corporations in issuing securities in the primary market, guarantee by standby underwriting or best efforts selling and foreign exchange management. ( Further it is committed towards providing assistance to capital markets as intermediary. These are the institutions that are regarded as counterparts of banks in the capital market in the function of intermediation in the process of resource allocation (Subramanyam, 2004, p.72)

Need for Quality Assurance in Investment Banking

Williamson (1988, p.55) stated that investment banking has been and will continue to be an increasingly intensively competitive business in order to strive in the market which is mainly dominated by the changes as part of strategy in the capital and  securities industry. The changes in the market include emergence of institutional investors, internationalization, innovative technology enabling investment banks and their customers to organize and distribute information, increasing complexity, and capital market capabilities are replacing institutional intermediating capabilities making the commercial banks increasingly active in investment banking. Quality assurances are essential in order to retain the customers on hand which shall be the top priority for any organization as they are the main source of revenue and to attract more customers with quality assistance in banking services. The assurance of quality in service sector brings the customer back to make use of the services and recommend the same to others which means increased rate of profit. Therefore quality assurance is essential in banking sector and especially in the investment banking sector.

Quality Assurance in Investment Banking

Quality Assurance is a new topic that is been applied in banking industry that has been accorded the responsibility to evaluate the performance of system and practices and also suggested changes in the existing practices to improve quality assurance. The process of evaluation regarding the quality assurance in investing banking is initiated with the identification of suitable methodology with definition of goals and objectives of the organization ( The process is essential in investment banking as investment banks have unique role to play in bridging the worlds as mainstream investors manly rely on the quality assurance of the investment banks (Rhyne, 2009, p.51). In view of the importance of quality assurance in the investment banks, the process is carried out to strengthen the procedure and standards at corporate level, promoting efficient utilization of available resources so that different functions are carried out in an expeditious and cost effective manner and make recommendations for enhanced customer satisfaction. Initially quality assurance will be started by following three pronged strategy i.e. (i) develop the system, (ii) document the system, and (iii) analyze the feedback and make further recommendations ( Quality assurance is at its best at the times of negotiation with with single investment banker and stronger when registered in traditional manner instead of shelf registration (Williamson, 1988, p.69). According to Turnbull and Moustakatos (1996) service businesses can grow in various ways by retaining the existing customers and attracting new customers through great quality and eliminating the redundancies by the way of terminating the services of unsatisfactory customers and providing  services to new customers.. Further to clarify the scope of quality assurances to the customers in investment banking, reputation of the bank is important in terms of providing advice, integration, orientation and range of products and services offered that act as the major source of retaining and attracting the customers. Investment bankers seek to cultivate an image of competence and quality which is especially important in a competitive professional service business (Eccles and Crane, 1988, p.69). Neely (1999) states that quality assurance is achieved by managing the quality assurance activities system, quality control diagnosis, innovation, improvement, inspection, quality evaluation and audit, infrastructure, assistance in product usage, recycling,  customer satisfaction, reliability, safety, product liability and environmental protection. In order to provide all the facilities mentioned hitherto, quality assurance should begin at each level purely undertaken and supported by the quality assurance team and its members (Gillman and White, 2001, p. 215).

And of late, Total Quality Management (TQM) principles are in practice in most of the successful organizations which also lays down the principles in providing qualitative services to the customer. The TQM principles designed by various researchers are being adapted by many service industries to provide quality service to its customers or clients. It is important to note that the principles are more effective in service sector organizations than in any other firms necessitating the need to integrate the principles in the investment banking to provide quality services to its customers and achieve greater customer satisfaction (Cowling and Newman, 1995). Managers are required to be sensitive to different demands and needs when developing their operational, human resources and marketing strategies with a view to improving the quality of service they offer to their customers as they are willing to pay for better premium services (Spathis, Petridou and Glaveli, 2004). The increasing expectations among the customers, existing and those coming to the bank in search for better service than others in the industry has created a competitive climate thereby laying the impetus on quality of the relationship between the customer and the institution. There are various methods which can be used to ascertain the determinants of the concept of service quality as well as quality measurement techniques (Joseph et al, 2005). Quality is an important aspect in any industry, offering products or services, to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. And providing assurance about the quality is need of the hour for every business. As investment banking is a service oriented business with most of the profits coming through the investments in businesses and acting as consultant to many businesses, it is necessary that investment banking adopt suitable techniques, theories and principles related to quality assurance for customer satisfaction and retention.


The banking sector is growing day by day with new and complex services offered to the customers by various banks to strive in the competitive market. The whole gamut of business is surrounded with one aspect i.e. customer service. Therefore quality is important while providing service to the customers as any soar experiences will result in loss of customers as well as business. It is mentioned that investment banks must improve and emphasize various service dimensions resulting in better quality service. However it is important to mention here that just offering qualitative service is not sufficient but to assure the same service and much better service in the coming future is necessary for the investment banking which deals in higher segment as compared to commercial banking. As mentioned earlier, apart from acting as banks, the investment banks also engage in consultancy services providing assistance in financial and company matters. Basing on this, most of the companies turn towards the banks for suggestions and providing right advice at the right times demonstrates that the bank is reliable financial adviser and is able to meet the clients expectations. Moreover it is important to provide service far better than expected by the customers during the service process by being responsive, approaching the customer to help inspiring confidence, and adopting an institutionalized approach (Turnbull and Moustakatos, 1996). Service quality is being recognized as one of the key strategic value which aims to provide better service in order to retain the existing customers by providing optimum satisfaction, opportunities for cross selling, development of customer relationships, increased sales and market shares by attracting new customers all of which ultimately enhancing the corporate image and business performance (Joseph and Stone, 2003). In view of the above benefits associated with quality assurance in various organizations and particularly in investment banking, it is an integral part of the management process to achieve the goals and objectives of the investment banks. Thus quality assurance is an important element in attracting customers or client in the investment banking sector.

Spreading Comps – How to prepare for this investment banking intern task

The trick with learning how to spread comps is practice.

So if you can get hold of a few full examples (the financial statements, the calculations, the explanations, the end results), self learn / reverse engineer them and then spread comps over and over again before your summer you’ll be fine.

Once again this is an investment banking intern task that is less difficult than it sounds and within hours you’ll be spreading like you breathe…without much thought!

Especially if you followed our advice previously – ie print off a few 10ks and 10qs now, get familiar with them and you’ll know how to find/interpret/adjust the data you need to create the comps fast.

With all that said, when you are finally asked to spread comps during your internship please approach the task with caution.

Meaning even if you have spread a hundred comps going into your summer, go slow.  Triple check numbers, re-read the 10k and 10q a bazillion times, and sense check the heck out of it all!

That last point (sense check) is unbelievably important, because if you turn up with a set of comps and I can see with a quick glance they’re wrong (ie without even referencing the financial statements) because they are just illogical numbers, you’ll look like a lumberingArnold Schawzenegger in Kindergarten Cop!

Remember as with all investment banking intern tasks, your aim is to ‘not stuff up’, as opposed to wowing bankers with your speed.  Accuracy trumps speed.

PS Spreading comps sounds like a hassle right?

Well yes, but the upside is that you’ll be creating numbers that bankers will rely on to make important decisions – ie its important work, to an extent.

Often senior bankers will use comps to sell clients on an idea, eg “Hey company x, look, your leverage ratio is really low compared to Fannie Mae, we think you should do a half billion dollar debt issue and give us a hefty percent as lead managers”. Excellent!

PPS When the client tries to mention Fannie went the way of the dodo and blew up, just financial model them to death – oh yes, no client can stand up to an investment banking powerpoint-cum-excel presentation that shows how a deal will magically net them an extra $100 million in EBIT!

Bad credit loans California helps to meet your financial needs

In case you have financial emergency and do not have good credit score then bad credit loans California can be a good option for you.

Mainly when you have bad credit borrowing any loan can become a nightmare. However there are some of the lenders that feel that bad credit is not always the result of late payments or defaults. Even if the best efforts are put to pay off the loan one can get bad credit. Hence the lenders have come up with introducing a scheme for people referred as bad credit loans California.

In case you are the person that has bad credit but in need of cash you now have the option of bad credit loans California. You do not have to let your bad credit stop you from availing bad credit loans. These loans can be used for any purpose you want that includes home improvement, purchasing a new car, pay for your holiday package, debt consolidation and other such financial needs.

Bad credit loans California are available in both types that are secured and unsecured. The bad credit secured loans will need security that is collateral like home against the borrowed loan. These are the kind of loans that usually come at low rate of interest. This is because the lender will get assurance in the form of collateral that in case of borrower defaults the lender can sell the collateral.

This is not the case with unsecured bad credit loans California you will not be required to offer any collateral. However in this case the lenders might charge a bit higher interest rates in order to compensate against the risk involved in offering bad credit loans California.

There are lots of factors on which loan amount of bad credit loan will depend on. Some of these factors are expenses, income, actual requirement, prior record and other such factors. Lenders will also consider the amount that you can pay comfortably each month at the time of deciding the loan amount of bad credit loans California. The duration of payment will depend on the loan amount, monthly amount that you can pay etc.

You can make online application for this loan and so you can save your time and efforts. For this you only need to offer with some basic information. After this the experienced counselor of the lending company will get in touch with you and guide you through out the procedure till you get money in your account.

Hence it can be said that bad credit loans California can be the best loan option for those that have bad credit.

World’s Best Investment Banks

Morgan Stanley was named the Best Investment Bank in Asia for 2008 by Asiamoney magazine, a leading Asia finance magazine. It has also received many top awards such as the Best Foreign Investment Bank in China (The Asset), Best Real Estate Investment Banking in China (Euromoney), Best Asian Investment-Grade Corporate Bond: SK Telecom’s US$400MM 20-year senior notes (Euroweek), and so on.

Credit Suisse is one of the best European investment banks, offering a broad range of financial advice in the aspects of private banking, investment banking and asset management. The bank has received numerous awards, including the “Best Wealth Management House” in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence, “Best Bank in Switzerland” in The Banker magazine’s 2010 country awards, and so on. In Euromoney’s global “Private Banking Survey 2009”, Credit Suisse was rated the best for its private banking services in Switzerland.

Deutsche Bank has been named the Best Investment Bank in the UK. It offers a comprehensive range of banking services including commercial and investment banking, with the use of state-of-the-art technological facilities in the UK. Deutsche Bank has been ranked Number One for the first time on Institutional Investor’s 2011 All-Europe Research Team, the magazine’s 26th annual ranking of the region’s best sell-side equity research analysts. Additionally the Bank was recognized for its strong commitment to developing and retaining talent in the Hay Group’s ‘Best Companies for Leadership’ 2010 study.

Kotak Investment Banking is one of the best Indian investment banks, offering a range of advisory solutions to leading domestic and multinational corporations, financial institutions and others. It was named the Best Investment Bank in India by FinanceAsia in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, as well as the Best Bank for Equity Finance in India in the Euromoney Real Estate Poll 2010.

Macquarie Group is a leading provider of financial, advisory, banking, investment and funds management services, with global offices in the world’s major financial centres. It has been consistently recognized with various financial awards, including the Best Domestic Investment Bank (Australia) by The Asset, Best Debt Finance Deal (Australia) – Carlyle and TPG’s acquisition financing for Healthscope by FinanceAsia, to name a few.

Please visit the relevant guide for the list of world’s top investment banks.

Easy Access On Employment News With Online Newspaper!

Online newspapers, have changed the way of reading employment news and one for ourselves. Today. Technology has made it easy for everyone to read employment news online rather than looking through the pages of printed one.

Another benefit for the people is that they can have instant access to these news or any type of news right from their phone, laptop or computer.

Even, on internet, all the news are updated on regular basis & you don’t have to wait for the new day or next for the updated one. Most of the major newspapers like Cumbria Crack have their online versions and provide news to the people.

Also, separate sections are their for employment, classifieds, sports and many more. Job seekers can easily look for the new job openings and the employment status online.

Moreover, all the leading online newspapers are well suited for the people who always look for the local news of the local area like Whiteheaven news.

As, employment section in the newspaper is the one that is looked for, by large number of people and even business also.

Business owners look for the qualified and professional employees for their work and for this they choose online newspaper to advertise the vacancies.

Some of the major publications of UK that includes separate section on employment are Cumbria Crack, The Guardian and various others.

The most convenient thing about online employment news is that it can be accessed 24 hours and 7 days.

As compared to the traditional newspaper, navigating through the pages of the online newspaper is much easier. Another thing is that, you can even post your own advertisement and post answer advertising for any of the employment news.

Most online magazines or papers have archive sections for the reference of the internet viewer. Just like Kendel News in the Cumbria Crack.

Even, one can customize the search for the jobs with an ease by keeping them save for later viewing. This also facilitates to mail the opening to your friend, if it is of no use for you. On the top of that, get yourself subscribed with an e-mail alert.

By this, whenever, new job opening come, you are informed by the means of an e-mail or message directly into your message box of the mobile phone.

Here are some of the benefits of reading online newspaper:

  • Helps in saving the environment by reducing the use of paper.
  • Provides news in front of you instantly as soon as the incident takes place.
  • At this advent of time, maximum of the World population is found on internet and read newspapers online only.
  • When the question comes on option building, it is the best place. Anyone can give his/her option.
  • Moreover, online newspaper is cost effective. As, it is free of cost, only the internet cost is involved.
  • It breaks geographical barriers by bring the World closer. You can access news of any country or origin with an ease. There far more benefits of reading online newspapers, keep yourself updated with each and every minute by accessing these.

More Bad News for Holders of Welfare Benefit Plans – Nova Faces Another Legal Setback

“The search (more like an armed assault), which involved between 35 and 50 IRS Criminal Investigation Division agents wearing black Kevlar bullet-proof vests and fully armed with automatic weapons, who herded the employees of the various companies then at the office located at 100 Grist Mill Road into a conference room and illegally searched and interrogated them, was completely over-the-top, unnecessary, and more akin to something that would happen in the movies or the TV show “24” rather than in the small town of Simsbury…”, said lawyers for the welfare benefit plan promoters. And so began the battle by Benistar and others to get back documents seized by the IRS last year. In a stipulation filed in federal court last week, the feds get to copy and keep the documents. Bad news for the NOVA folks and bad news for the thousands holding the disputed welfare benefit plans.

Court documents released in the ongoing litigation between NOVA Benefit Plans and the IRS read like a script from a thriller movie. Shortly after the IRS special agents raided the company’s headquarters, Benistar 419 Plan & Trust and other entities purportedly related to Wayne Bursey and NOVA filed motions seeking return of the documents seized during the raid.

Although the raid was primarily directed at NOVA and Benistar, federal agents seized records belonging to Grist Mill Partners, Grist Mill Capital, Avon Capital, ARIA LLC, Charter Oak Trust, Avon Trust, USB Client Services, Caroline Financial Group, Rex Insurance Services, BESTCO Benefit Plans, Boston Property Exchange Transfer Company and Lincoln Financial Services and others. The government believes the entities are related.

Included in the documents seized are records belonging to Pettibone Tavern. According to a motion filed by Pettibone, the tavern hosted many famous Americans including George Washington, Ethan Allen and Mark Twain. The tavern is named after the son of Captain Pettibone, “who gave his life on Christmas day in the famous campaign launched from Valley Forge during the American Revolution that led to the founding of this great Country {sic} and American Independence.” The motion goes on to state that both Captain Pettibone and his son are “turning in their graves thinking that Federal agents of the young country he dies for would illegally seize… tax records for the Pettibone Tavern…”

Benistar’s court filings may be an interesting from a history standpoint but are not relevant to the real dispute, did NOVA, Benistar, their related entities and their customers violate the Internal Revenue Code?

If tales of the American Revolution and George Washington sitting in a bar were not enough, the motions question why the government would even conduct the raid since the tax return filed for NOVA Benefit Plans shows it “consistently” has no assets and that Benistar Ltd is out of business. Again, not great news for welfare benefit clients who now owe millions to the IRS.

Later in the motion for return of seized property, the lawyers state that the NOVA offices were less than two miles from Tulmeadow Farm, “complete with cows and ice cream” and less than 1 mile from a high school. The connection and relevance of that statement is a complete mystery. Lawyers for the promoters call the search the “most egregious illegal search in the history of the United States.” They further states that more agents were present for the “heinous” raid at NOVA than at Ruby Ridge. {Of course, unlike Ruby Ridge no one was injured or killed at NOVA’s office.}

Although very colorful, the pleadings do not have much legal substance. And in the end, despite a plea for the court to “sign an emergency order to have the moving van truck turn around forthwith and bring back all of the illegally seized property,” the government gets to keep the documents. In the interest of complete accuracy, the government must return the documents but gets to copy them first.

What does all this mean to the thousands of people and small businesses that trusted NOVA, Grist Mill, Benistar and the other welfare benefit plan providers? Two things – first, NOVA probably has no money to pay claims and second, the government has the names and addresses of all the plan holders.

Whatever money Bursey and the plans have is probably going to pay legal fees. There is litigation pending in multiple states and at least one criminal grand jury in Wisconsin probing the plan promoters. That is bad news for the holders of the plans. The aftermath of the raid and criminal investigation will likely spur a great deal of litigation but without any money to pay claims.

There is some good news, however. If you purchased your plan through a stockbroker or investment advisor, you may have some recourse.

The news is also bad because the government now has a complete list of all the clients of NOVA and the other plans. Already the IRS has begun auditing and assessing massive penalties against the holders of these plans – people who relied on NOVA’s slick marketing materials and a well crafted legal opinion.

Because the IRS views most of these benefit plans as abusive tax shelters, the penalty can be as high as $200,000 per year!

What should you do if you have a welfare benefit plan? Contact a qualified tax attorney or CPA well versed in welfare benefit plans. The stakes are very, very high. The attorney or CPA should be able to help you unwind the plan, amend returns and help abate the penalties that will certainly follow. An attorney can also represent you if the matter needs to go to tax court or if you elect to bring a lawsuit to recover your losses.

Scope Of Cfp In India

According to a recent report, there will be a need for 50,000 CFPs in India in the next few years. Currently India has around 450 + CPFs. After doing CFP Course jobs would be offered in banks, insurance sector and financial services sector. With the increased activity on the Retail Banking front and in particular with Relationship Banking gaining popularity, Banks and Financial Institutions do look for staff that have a keen knowledge of Financial Planning. These companies do train staff on Financial Planning as well. The CFP course is being widely advertised today. An increasing number of banks like ICICI bank, Standard Chartered Bank and others are making it mandatory for their relationship managers to acquire the CFP certification Regulatory bodies like SEBI, IRDA and PFRDA etc are gradually educating and encouraging individuals to consult CFPs for their financial needs.

The Certified Financial Planner CFP designation is a certification mark for financial planners conferred by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. To receive authorization to use the designation, the candidate must meet education, examination, experience and ethics requirements, and pay an ongoing certification fee. It has a good scope in India and you can get a good job.

Career in CFP: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFPCM ) CFPCM is the most sought after designation any financial planner may like to acquire. This is considered as the highest standard qualification in the field of financial planning. To join this course one must have completed the graduation and should have 3 years experience in the financial services sector in any capacity. From field other than finance, one must have 5 years experience. Interestingly, even 10+2 passed candidate can do this course but they must have higher experience in allied field of finance. If a candidate is not having the requisite experience, they still can do this course and after passing they will remain as AFP (Associate Financial Planner) till they acquire the required work experience. Once their experience level is achieved they can apply for the change of status of the designation to become a CFPCM New Era Institute of Professional Studies (NIPS) is an education provider of this course and they are now offering this prestigious course in Distance Learning mode. It gives a lifetime opportunity to acquire this value added qualification after joining this program and successful clearance of the examinations anyone can do CFP courses in India to make the career ahead.

Check yourself if you are suited to a financial planning career. Ask following question to yourself and if your answer is ‘yes’ to at least three of the question then getting into financial planning could be a smart career move for you.

1.Do you invest or enjoy following the financially news?
2.Are you self-motivated and ambitious?
3.Would you consider yourself detail orientated, and well organized?
4.Are you comfortable using a calculator to perform math functions?
5.Do you enjoy meeting and interacting with all kinds of people?
6.Are you a good listener? Knowledge is king. The more you learn about Financial Planning the more valuable you will be in the market.

5 Benefits of personal financial planning

Personal financial planning involves aspects such as budgeting, planning your savings, investing, getting insured and looking after the smooth functioning of your overall financial health. It is very important for you to know how to effectively handle your finances as the benefits of personal finance planning are many.

Some of the benefits of personal finance planning are as follows.

1. Profit from investment plans : With the right financial planning you can identify those investment plans that will prove profitable for you. You will be able to prioritize, where and when you should invest first.

2. Evaluation of your financial condition : Budgeting is a very important aspect of personal financial planning. You may not like the idea of a budget but it helps you manage your finance. With a proper budget, you can evaluate your financial situation. This helps you assess how much you are spending currently and whether or not you can afford it.

3. Reduces marital stress : Money problems could lead to divorce. This is because when you are in debt you tend to be much stressed and any minor problem can become very severe. Thus, handling your finances responsibly can not only help save money but also your relationship with your spouse. Debt may also affect your relationship with others, so plan your finances well.

4. Helps you build a better future : A well planned financial life helps build a better future. Financial planning involves saving for the future. If you plan well, then you will save a part of your income every month, for future use. Also your financial planning should give some importance to your retirement plan. By taking up a retirement plan you insure that in future when you no longer have an income, you will be financially secured.

5. Reducing impact of financial crisis : In case an emergency arises in your family, you can take care of it without waiting for someone else to help you out. If you have to borrow every time there is a financial need, then you may find yourself suffering from financial crisis in times of family emergencies. A family emergency could be anything from a family member falling ill or unexpected medical bills. However, good financial planning helps you come out of these situations with ease, as you will have savings to help you in your crisis periods.

Forex News – How The Worlds News Effects Currencies

Either you are simply starting in Forex or have a expertise in it, but it’s very important you stay on top with all the Forex news happening in the industry. Staying intact with what happens around the world within your industry can be really addictive at times. Moreover with a globalized world it seems that something happens somewhere every moment of the time.

Financial News

Here we are listing some of latest news that has happened in and around the forex industry and will impact your business as well in some ways. Remember that Foreign exchange currencies are always paired so you will need to receive relevant news about the comparison of two different currencies or commodities. Some examples of relevant news that would have an impact on various currencies around the globe would be;

-A recent story reported that retail traders had just tipped to a net short positioning on the same day that the British pound gained a 200 point plus rally.

-Forex traders watch the U.S. housing slump very carefully, gauging the market for mortgage futures.

-When the U.S. Fed made its recent rate cut, one Forex news service reported that expectations for the U.S. Dollar were “falling like a rock.”

-Recession fears in the United States may drive the dollar even lower than it already is. (In Forex trading, the fact that the dollar drops is not considered negative, as long as the trader leverages the drop when trading for higher priced, more valuable currencies around the glove.

Political News

Most people are under the wrong impression that currency and finance news are the only things that interests any forex trade, yet political news is very important as well as they can give you hint of the political movement of different nations and their where their country is headed. You need to make sure that you follow the trend that goes throughout the world.
Currency and financial news are not the only news stories of interest to Forex investors and traders. Forex traders are also interested in political news that can have an impact on a country’s currency.

-Tragic events like the assassination of a political leader can affect currency futures in the country where the event occurs and can have a ripple effect in surrounding areas; for example, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.

-Natural disasters like an earthquake, hurricane, or typhoon can consume a great deal of a country’s resources; therefore, Forex traders watch news of such disasters.

-Political events, like the U.S. presidential election cycle, has significant effects on currency valuation; therefore, Forex news contains updates on presidential candidates, primary elections, and general elections.

News Analysis

Forex news services add value to the news stories they provide by analyzing current events and predicting how they will affect the exchange rates of various currencies around the globe.

Some popular sources for Forex research and analysis are: Daily FX, Rabobank Technical FX Daily, Scotia FX, TRL, Mizuho Corporate Bank, CIBC World Markets, BHF Bank, and Mellon Foreign Exchange.

4321 Personal Financial Plan

In this modern society, everyone bears great pressure and earn money with great efforts. May I know whether you have such experience juts after one week the whole salary of your month has been used up. In the article, I will introduce some method for you to manage your money effectively, if you insist on this, you will become richer and richer.

The method of 4321 Personal Financial Plan:

  1. After you have got the new salary, at first you should use 40% for investment such as stock, foreign exchange, fund etc. You can choose open-end funds at fixed investment. Every month you can pay for the fund through bank or Fund Inc. automatically with easy procedures, conveniently and time-savingly. After you have spent the money, it has been taken out, which will achieve the effect of forced saving. Open-end fund at fixed investment is rather a good investment behavior.
  2. Every month, you should just use 30% of your whole salary for the basic living expenses such as eating, clothes, mobile fee, fitness, beauty saloon etc. Of course there should be gasoline fee if you have cars, premium fee if you have houses, in one word, this should be your necessary fee every month.
  3. What’s more you should leave 20% of your total salary, if some day, you feel happy and want to have a taste of some new food in the world, and then have a SPA, the fund of disbursement will be useful. Then you can have a nice day with your friends.
  4. The last 10% of your salary should be used for insurance, which is a long-time arrangement, and the guarantee for your later life. As an office lady, if you have no plans for insurance, viewing at the point of financial plans, it is unsuitable and dangerous. Usually it is suitable for insurance fee to take up 10% of your whole salary, and insurance company will compensate you at lest 10 times for your payment of insurance.

From the view of financial point, at first you should reserve emergency cash. Usually it is suitable for you to save the living expenses of about 6 months and use your other money for purchasing money market funds, which is usually used for Central Bank bills, short-term bonds and some other kinds of inter-bank bond market, with higher security and higher annual rate than that of demand deposits. When you are in need of money, what you should do is just to sell the money market funds two business days before to ensure its high liquidity.

As for investment, as an office lady, you should broaden the way of investment, setting stable and steady as the basic principle of investment portfolio. When keeping the safety moderately, you should improve service efficiency of capital and profitability of assets.

The above is just some simple suggestion for financial plans. I get the information by chance when search on my laptop( ), in my personal opinion, it is useful and helpful. As a graduate who have just gone in for work for several months, I think it is important for us to develop the idea of financial planning and try to use our money in a reasonable way.

With the intention to help others with the idea, I just wrote the above words as suggestion. If you have any other useful advice, would you please leave a comment and then we can have a further communication about the topic, helping more and more people process. Thanks for your kindness in advance. Looking forward to your comment.

Here is How Bad Credit Hurts Your Financial Career

Okay, by now you must be very much aware of the fact that a good credit score helps you immensely when it comes to borrowing a loan with low interest rates. However, you might be negligent of another fact that it also aids you a rewarding career in the financial industry as well. Financial industry does not only demand the ability to be, say, a would-be broker, but also requires somebody with a clean credit report.

Your credit report is a kind of mirror for the employers. They will tend to check both your cash residues in credit cards as well as the legal judgments. How long it takes you to satisfy the debts. Is there any outstanding debt? Well, the employer will also check your first mortgages, home equity loans, personal loans as well as the lines of credit. Make sure you show how professional you are through your credit card report itself.

Further, in addition to the credit card balances report, legal judgments are equally important. Seven years are considered as the period of time that most of the credit reports encompass. Therefore, the employer checks out minutely any of the effectively bad legal judgments against you over the period of the last seven years. Yet again, make sure you present yourself as a responsible individual.

Nevertheless, this was all about how you can make a good credit report and why a good credit score matters to your potential employer. Nevertheless, are not you eager to know how bad credit can hurt your financial career?
Read carefully from this point on.
For sure, a poor credit history or a bankruptcy filing is quite relevant to your employer in the hiring process of yours. For instance, nobody would hire a bankrupt person for the reason that he/she must be more sensitive towards participating in ‘double-dealing’ activities. How would a person who is not able to manage his/her own money, be able to cope up with the financial troubles of his/her client?

Moreover, let’s admit here that even if we were not on the employer side, we would not lend money to a person who has a bad credit rating or any bankruptcy proceeding going on. Mainly because the person reflects a character of poor judgment.

Individuals should check for their credit reports at least once in a year. However, in case you just want Bad Credit Loans Australia for financing your small business, then you should not worry much about the bad credit score. You certainly have some legitimate enough options of Short Term Personal Loans to get through this kind of emergency.

Know the Most Essential Questions about Bad Credit Home Loans (and their answers)

Are you having paid or unpaid defaults? Chances can be – you’re a discharged bankrupt. So, how do you expect to get a home loan?

How would you feel if bad credit is all set to to stop you from buying your own home or invest in a property? Possibly, it would be a shattering feeling. Anyhow, how have you been keeping your financial commitments in order to get your home loan, with bad credit score?

You must be having some questions, for sure. Keep reading.

What do you understand by a bad credit?
Bad credit scores occur when you have negative listings in your credit file. The listing includes one, some or all of the following-

* Bankruptcy
* Frequent applying for a loan
* Late payments
* Previous credit rejections
* Unpaid bills

How can I qualify with a major bank?  Am I eligible?
No other conditions are applied except for bad credit history consisting not more than a paid non-financial institution debt of less than $1,000. It can be a missed electricity, water or Telecom bill, anything less than the worth of $1000. If you comply with this condition, you can consider qualifying a major bank or a lender, with no additional requirements.

The second case arises when you are in a current strong financial position. In this case, you can get a bad credit home loan even if you have credit impairments like judgements, defaults, Part IX, bankruptcy, loan arrears etc. A strong financial position allows you to apply for a Bad Credit Home Loan.
Do I have options with non-conforming lenders who offer bad credit mortgage options?
Of course, there are lenders in the market, who can offer you bad credit mortgage options. If they do not, there are several lenders who can also help you improve your bad credit rating.

Where to apply to get a loan with bad credit score?
People with bad credit history end up with the option of ‘specialist lender’.  A ‘specialist lender’, as we call them, lends a loan with interest rates between 2-4% higher than the normal interest rate available in the market. Do you want to repay at such high interest rates?

With major banks, you may be restricted to borrowing a maximum of 80% of the property value. For a fact, there are some lenders who consider lending up to 90% loan to value ratio. You can either try and fix your Credit Rating or apply for a bad credit home loan. There’s always a second chance awaiting.

Something Big is About to Happen in America

As you know, Michael Lombardi has been warning his readers that something big is about to happen in America.

Yesterday’s stock market crash of 635 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the biggest one-day drop for the market  in three years, could just be the beginning.

Michael believes what’s headed our way will be more devastating than the credit crisis of 2008.

For most people, it will hit them like a brick wall.

It will touch Americans harder and deeper than anything else we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

Michael Lombardi feels so strongly about this, he’s documented his “Critical Warning Number Six” in a new video.

It’s a controversial video, because most people will not like what Michael has to say…they will find it hard to believe  until they see all facts as he presents them.

Michael’s first five predictions have already come true.  Now he’s issuing Critical Warning Number Six. I urge you to be among the first to see this new video here now. (link:

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Intraday trade using gann angle

In my book on “Gann Method” though I have explained various principles of W.D.Gann’s method and  its application on the stock market but the one which inspired me a lot is  “Gann angle” principle. The Gann angle is defined as the set of trend lines drawn from an individual price point or from different price points (i.e. high, low, and midpoint) in order to identify the supports and resistances of a future price move.  At this stage, do not worry much about this definition. It will become simpler as you proceed to the next part of this article.  The next big thing about the gann angle trend lines are that they are drawn at a particular angle with respect to the X-axis or to the time line. This concludes the basic formation of gann angle trend lines.

Now let me explain this concept with the help of an example. Say I wish to draw a trend line at 1X1 (read it “one by one”) gann angle. This means my trend line is a straight line drawn in the price time chart which makes an angle 45 degree with the X-axis.  You must ask me that how I have derived the 45 degree. Quite simple! This is a trend line drawn assuming 1 unit of price change happens with 1 unit of time change. If I will plot 1 unit of price change with respect to 1 unit of time change in a semi log scale and measure the angle with the help of a protractor I will get the angular measurement as 45 degrees.

For making an intraday trade decision we need a point to make buy or sell entry. We need a stop loss point and couple of target points. Though this job can be done with any guess work but we need perfection. The perfection will be achieved only through the mathematical calculation which is accepted by the market.

W.D.Gann has given us 11 different trend lines which will guide us in making a trade decision.  These trend lines are drawn based on the geometrical angle proportion in X and Y axis. For example the 2X1 (2 by 1) trend line is drawn assuming the 2 unit of price raise or fall happens in 1 unit of time.  This trend line makes geometrical angle of 63.75 degrees with X-axis when drawn from a lower price point and projected towards the higher price points. Similarly this trend line will make 26.25 degrees with respect to x axis when it will be drawn from a higher price point and project towards the lower price point. This is the mathematical logic available in origin shifting, parallel line algorithm.

Now the 11 sets of trend lines from a lower price point towards the higher price point are as follows  1X1, 1X2, 2X1, 1X3, 3X1, 1X4, 4X1, 1X8, 8X1, 1X16 and 16X1.

The geometrical angle made by these trend lines with the X axis in an up movecorresponding to 2X1= 63.75 degrees, 1X2= 26.25 degrees, 1X1= 45 degrees, 1X3= 18.75 degrees, 3X1= 71.25 degrees, 4X1= 75 degrees, 1X4= 15 degrees, 8X1= 82.5 degrees, 1X8= 7.5 degrees, 1X16= 3.75 degrees, 16X1= 86.25 degrees.

The geometrical angle made by these trend lines with the X axis in a down movecorresponding to 1X2= 63.75 degrees, 2X1= 26.25 degrees, 1X1= 45 degrees,3X1= 18.75 degrees,1X3= 71.25 degrees,1X4= 75 degrees,4X1= 15 degrees, 1X8= 82.5 degrees,8X1= 7.5 degrees, 16X1= 3.75 degrees,1X16= 86.25 degrees.

Gann Formula for calculating the support and resistance:  In gann study the 180 degree is considered as factor 1. This is because between the sun rise to sun set the solar motion happens approximately 180 degrees and it is considered as 1 day time.

The 2nd universal concept accepted by the financial analysts is that the supports are always calculated in a falling trend and it used to be calculated from the high.

The 3rd universal concept accepted by the financial analysts is that the resistances are always calculated in a falling trend and it used to be calculated from the low.

Gann formula for calculating the support and resistance is as follows:

Support = (square root of (high)- Degree factor)^2

Resistance = (square root of (low) + Degree factor)^2

Trading Rules as per gann and as modified by me (Soumya Ranjan Panda Author of this article)

  1. The 3rd support or resistance of any price move is important (as per W.D.Gann).
  2. In intraday trade 45 degree support break (1X1 support) will favor sellers and 45 degree resistance (1X1 resistance) break will support the buyers. Provided the annual volatility of the trading instrument  must be higher than 50% (as per my own research )
  3. In low volatile or medium volatile market (i.e. the annual volatility of the trading instrument is less than 50 %) the (1X4= 15 degree) resistance and (4X1=15 degree) support must be utilized for long and short entry provided no congestion or entry error should be present in the calculated price. (as per my own research ) 
  4. If sell entry price at 15 degree or at 45 degree  greater than buy entry price at 15 degree or 45 degree price point then it is considered as error and rectified by changing calculation procedure from the high and low to mid point of high and low. This says that instead of calculating the supports down from high and up from low you can calculate the same from the mid point of high and low (as per my own research )
  5. If the price unit of the trading instrument is a 4 digit number then between the buy entry and sell entry price at least 5 unit difference is required to take unbiased decision as per this principle or else it is considered as congestion and it is rectified by changing the high and low to mid point. (as per my own research )
  6. If the price unit of the trading instrument is a 3 digit number then between the buy entry and sell entry price at least 3.5 unit difference is required to take unbiased decision as per this principle or else it is considered as congestion and it is rectified by changing the high and low to mid point. (as per my own research )
  7. If the price unit of the trading instrument is a 2 digit or single digit number then it must be converted to 4 digit number by the way of multiplying it with 10 or 100 or even with 1000 and the resistances and supports will be derived from the 4 digit number. And the results need to be dividing by the multiplier to reconvert it back to its original form. (as per my own research )
  8. The smallest time interval in which you can identify the high and low is 5 minuets after the opening bell or the highest time interval you can consider is the 1st 15 minute after the opening bell.  Any auction period must be ignored. Like now in Indian market 9 a.m. to 9 :15 is considered as call auction period. Hence the data from 9 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. must be ignored (as per my own research )
  9. If any trade of yours triggers the stop loss or trailing stop loss then do not reenter the  trade in the same direction again.

As a day trader speculation is my profession and I will follow these calculations like religious testimony.

Example:  on 11th November 2010 SBI between 9:15 to 9:30 a.m. made high 3238.35 at 9:16 p.m.  low 3214.10 at 9:27 p.m.

 Below given are the calculation of resistances and supports for reference.

Low3214.1 High 3238

Angle Degree Degree-Factor Resistance Angle Degree Degree-Factor support

16X1 86.25 0.479166667 3268.6604 1X16 86.25 0.479166667 3184.0442

8X1 82.5 0.458333333 3266.2787 1X8 82.5 0.458333333 3186.3958

4X1 75 0.416666667 3261.5178 1X4 75 0.416666667 3191.1015

3X1 71.25 0.395833333 3259.1387 1X3 71.25 0.395833333 3193.4557

2X1 63.75 0.354166667 3254.383 1X2 63.75 0.354166667 3198.1667

1X1 45 0.25 3242.509 1X1 45 0.25 3209.9592

1X2 26.25 0.145833333 3230.6567 2X1 26.25 0.145833333 3221.7735

1X3 18.75 0.104166667 3225.9219 3X1 18.75 0.104166667 3226.5053

1X4 15 0.083333333 3223.5558 4X1 15 0.083333333 3228.8725

1X8 7.5 0.041666667 3218.8262 8X1 7.5 0.041666667 3233.6095

1X16 3.75 0.020833333 3216.4626 16X1 3.75 0.020833333 3235.9793

(You can download a ready made free to use gann angle calculator from our web site from the following link . The paid calculator which is given along with the master course validates more number of logical conditions and infuses more number of gann principles in the decision making so as to give you greater success in intraday trade.)

As per the above discussion and calculation procedure we have made the calculation of resistances and supports. As per the current volatility condition we are being advised to buy the stock at 3223.5558 or sell at 3228.8725. This is violating the point D trade principle and considered as an entry error henceforth we will change the high and low to its mid point and do the calculation from the mid point the mid point of 3238.35 and 3214.10 is 3226.225 . The modified calculation table is as follows.

As per the modified calculation we are advised to buy at 3235.6986 for final target 3280.8878 and sell at 3216.7653 for final target of 3172.0214

Low 3226.225 High 3226.225

Angle Degree Degree-Factor Resistance Angle Degree Degree-Factor support

16X1 86.25 0.479166667 3280.8878 1X16 86.25 0.479166667 3172.0214

8X1 82.5 0.458333333 3278.5016 1X8 82.5 0.458333333 3174.3685

4X1 75 0.416666667 3273.7318 1X4 75 0.416666667 3179.0654

3X1 71.25 0.395833333 3271.3482 1X3 71.25 0.395833333 3181.4151

2X1 63.75 0.354166667 3266.5837 1X2 63.75 0.354166667 3186.1172

1X1 45 0.25 3254.6874 1X1 45 0.25 3197.8876

1X2 26.25 0.145833333 3242.8129 2X1 26.25 0.145833333 3209.6796

1X3 18.75 0.104166667 3238.0692 3X1 18.75 0.104166667 3214.4025

1X4 15 0.083333333 3235.6986 4X1 15 0.083333333 3216.7653

1X8 7.5 0.041666667 3230.9601 8X1 7.5 0.041666667 3221.4934

1X16 3.75 0.020833333 3228.5921 16X1 3.75 0.020833333 3223.8588

Trade outcome:

  1. At 9:34 a.m. We got a chance to sell at 3217 and kept out stop loss at 3235.70 this as per our calculation. Upon achieving the 1st target 3214.4we trail to stop loss to 3216.80, then upon crossing the 2nd target we trail the stop loss to 3214.40. Unfortunately after touching the low 3211 at 9:39 a.m. the trailing stop loss triggered at 3214.40 and we just bagged less then +3 points.
  2.  Considering our short trade adventure is wrong and as per the last protocol set in the trade rule we waited for the 3235.70 to come which we have got a chance at 10:07 a.m. and achieved till 3254 till 11:27 a.m. which is close near to our 45 degree target point.

In this case if my shell stop loss triggered at 3235.7 I will accept close near to 18.9 point loss and be a buyer at this point keeping the stop at 3235.7 and aim for the last target  3281 with some logical trailing stop loss.

This concept works in commodity, currency as well as in stocks.

However the limitation of this article is that it does not discuss all the trading rules and conditions which are being researched by me. In the gann master course the supplied software uses all the extended set of logics.

Grow Your Wealth With The Help Of Online Financial Planning

We all want to make more and more money and we also know that in order to make more money, we have to have our finances well planned. Some individuals who can afford to hire financial advisors for the same, go for it but there are many who can neither afford expensive financial planners nor want to do so because they like to take a charge of their finances all by themselves. Such people look for some basic guidance but keep wandering around in the hope of getting somebody who can guide them. But now there is a new hope of for such people and that hope is the advent of online financial planners. These online financial planners offer high quality financial advice to individuals, irrespective of their income. They help clients set realistic goals and create customized portfolios that help in achieving financial goals. Such companies invest heavily in technology so that they can give the best service to their online clients. Their online financial planning software replaces the traditional human financial advisor by making holistic and high quality financial advice accessible to everyone in India.

Online financial planning companies offer diversified portfolio for investments. They also offer recommendations on life goals, insurance, loans, expenses and tax. Their client list includes individuals, families, non-resident Indians and business entities. One benefit of dealing with online financial planningfirms is that there is no minimum investment limit. The client can start with any amount he or she has which is very unlike traditional, full-service financial planners that give more weightage to wealthy clients. Also, there are no hidden charges. Most of the online financial planners take a one-time fee for a year or so. They believe in bringing the real difference in the way financial advice is delivered in India. All the personal income data provided by clients is kept completely confidential and safe. In case there is any involvement of the third party for the execution of financial plans, the service provider makes sure that the client knows about it and has given the permission for sharing his or her income details to the third party.

To conclude, online financial planning is a great idea and it especially suits people who use technology on a daily basis for work and personal reasons. People who don’t have time to go to financial planners’ offices or people who can’t afford personal advisors, they all can switch to online financial planning which is much more convenient.


Cameroon: Reporters and Bankers Explore Financial Markets

The poor reporting of financial news in the country’s media organs, including newspapers, radio and television, web blogs and web sites, further creates confusion in the minds of Investors. The market has quickly slipped into a vicious cycle of inadequate performance, misunderstanding by key actors, and poor or malignant news coverage.

In order to trigger a reversal of the trend, a two-day workshop (Thursday 03 and Friday 04 February 2011) was organized at the GICAM headquarters in Douala, attended bankers and other financial experts, as well as journalists whose editors presented as reporters of financial news. To the members of the Financial Markets Commission of Cameroon, it is imperative for all the stake holders to understand that both primary and secondary financial markets are functional in Cameroon, such markets may still be considered to be in the embryonic stage, but there is a great potential for growth given that at all levels, they are well-structured and highly regulated.

Resource persons, included Professor Kamdem David, Dean of the Faculty Economics and Management of the University of Dschang; Mr. Sanda Oumarou, an Economist and Cameroon’s former Minister of Post and Telecommunications; Mr. Elung Paul Che, former General Manager of the Cameroon Treasury; Madam Adiaba Jacqueline, Director of Markets at the Douala Stock Exchange DSX; Mr. Emeke Iweriebor, General Manager of the United Bank for Africa UBA: Dr Banga Ntolo Louis, Assistant GM of Société Générale de Banques au Cameroun SGBC; and Mr. Mathieu Mandeng, General Manager of Standard Chartered Bank; among other professionals from the world of Banking and Finance.

In the twinkle of an eye, the participants were bombarded with tonnes of information on financial markets, definitions, structures, instruments, actors, and operations. The notion of investment banking within a context dominated by commercial banks was highlighted, and participants particularly the journalists could now understand why the Cameroon government has to issue bonds and borrow money from the public even when the banks are suffocating under what has been termed “excess liquidity”. The simple truth is that short-term funds cannot be used to finance long-term investments.

Besides the primary markets dominated by investment bankers, the participants also understood that structures like the Douala Stock Exchange DSX operate mainly in the secondary markets where they create a continuous market for the exchange of bonds and stocks, as well as determine securities prices through the buying and selling of orders. The co-habitation of two stock exchange markets within the CEMAC Sub Region in Douala and Libreville remained an intriguing issue. The difference between a stock exchange and the financial markets was succinctly established with the Financial Markets Commission of Cameroon described as a “gendarme” given its regulatory role while two other key players in Cameroon’s financial markets are the “Caisse Autonome d’Amortissement” and the “Banque de Réglement” which is the SGBC bank.

At the end of the training, participants went away with the understanding that for a country like Cameroon to become an emergent economy by 2035 the financial markets must play a key role in mobilizing funds and financing long-term investments. News reporters versed with financial issues equally have to generate more output in terms of packaging information in such a way that investors can rely on media publications for financial news. More reporters have to be trained and many more bankers and financial experts have to be seen communicating and commenting on issues relevant to the general public.

Spreading Comps in Investment Banking Explained in Plain English

Spreading comps is a type of financial statement analysis and possibly the most frequent task junior investment bankers will get in their early days.

In fact, it’s the stereotypical “oh, can’t we find an intern to do that” kind of task, because it’s time consuming, mindless grunt work – or at least it is to any analyst with half a brain.

But for you interns it’ll be a whole new experience and something you’ll approach with trepidation – unless of course you realize how simple they are…

Spreading comps simply involves comparing a bunch of companies based on a handful of financial metrics, most notably value multiples (eg EV/EBITDA).  It gets trickier within certain industries where the financial metrics of concern grow and deviate away from simple value multiples.  But don’t worry, your group will handhold you through this.

Before I continue I’d like to head off any students thinking “Can’t a computer just do the calculations?”.

Well the answer is yes, there are databases filled with all the info – and calculations already done for us when we run a simple company search, eg CapIQ.

But the problem with these programs is they’re terrible at rendering the kind of precise financial calculations senior bankers demand.

You see, although these computer programs scour the financial statements like any good intern, they don’t do all the adjustments like add backs or take into account footnotes littered with references to non-recurring charges etc (explained below).

So although these computer calculations are quite good, they’re not banker-good (aka perfect).  And at $10 an hour you are a cheap way to get accurate results.

Also, every time I presented comps as an intern I was asked how I arrived at every freaking metric – so by doing them myself I was able to show the ‘how’, and didn’t simply say “Computer says yes!” like a Little Britain travel agent!!

Let’s get back to Spreading Comps 101

At the heart of any spread is our client company or some other target company – we want to see how they are performing, valued, structured etc against similar companies.  ‘Similar’ can mean same industry, same size, same debt structure etc, depending on the situation (IPO v M&A etc).

It’s important to realize that ‘similar’ is a subjective decision, and one that your mentor will often make for you by saying “spread these 5 companies”.

But if they leave it in your hands then be careful to select companies that are similar along the lines that matter most to your end analysis.

Although the end result (a couple metrics for each company) seems simple enough, getting there can be difficult.

Spreading comps you see, is as easy as the company’s financials and structure is simple…meaning if you get handed a couple of Enron-esque or transparent-as-the-Fed types of companies you could be in for a world of pain when it comes to finding the numbers you need to do things like add backs, multiples calculations etc.

(eg me in the first week of my internship all those years ago…hello hidden non-recurring charges, off-BS v on-BS dramas, complicated debt structures, dozens of dense language confusing-as-hell footnotes etc…ouch!).

The intern who will impress bankers the most is not necessarily the intern who comes up with the metrics fastest, but rather the one who can show their full calculations for every metric and explain how they arrivedat each answer when interrogated by a senior banker.

Eg explaining how they deciphered what footnote 12 meant, showing how they added depreciation back in at Point B etc.

ie banking is just like math class – you’ll get rewarded for showing working out!

Check out our common investment banking internship tasks list now to discover the 38 other tasks young investment bankers will be asked to do from Day 1 and exactly how to crush them.

When Should You Start Paying Extra to Pay Off Your Home Loan Sooner? Let’s Know…

Most borrowers are energetic to reimburse their home loan as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, yet is there a good and bad time to begin paying additional off your mortgage. With interest rates at an unsurpassed low, you might find that repayments are a little simpler to oversee and you might even have additional money toward the end of the month. Recorded underneath are a couple questions you ought to ask yourself before you choose to put additional towards your home loan.

Are there any other debts you owe?
This is a critical thing to ask before you put additional cash towards your home loan. Do you have Visas or different loans that still have cash owing? Provided that this is true, you ought to organize reimbursing however much debt as could reasonably be expected. Make a rundown of each charge card and loan you have and show them from the most noteworthy interest rate to the least. You ought to attempt and intend to pay off the debt with the most noteworthy interest rate to start with, which can spare you more cash.

Does your home loan have charges for additional repayments?
Contingent upon what sort of home loan you have, you may be punished on the off chance that you make additional repayments towards your home loan and this could exceed the advantage of reimbursing additional. Most settled rate home loans don’t have an additional reimbursement highlight. Along these lines, before you contribute additional towards your mortgage, twofold watch that you won’t be charged.

Do you ever plan to lease your property?
In the event that there is a chance that you could transform your proprietor involved home into a venture property, most specialists will suggest that you put any additional installments into the counterbalance account. On the off chance, that you pay it specifically into the loan then it will lessen the measure of the loan that you can guarantee an assessment reasoning for to the minimal parity. In the event that the assets are placed in a counterbalance account, then despite everything, you appreciate the savings in interest yet the loan equalization is not affected. It might be perceptive to do it along these lines to hold your choices open down the track.
How much is the savings account interest rate?
Despite the fact that the record low interest rate is uplifting news for mortgage holders, those with high interest savings record could see a decrease for interest they procure. The lower interest rates might imply that you are not seeing as large of an arrival from your savings account.

Take the time and scrutinize how these lower interest rates will influence your savings. You might need to consider putting your savings in a home loan account. Rather than acquiring interest at store account rates, you will be sparing interest on your home loan at your present home loan interest rate.

Regardless of the fact that you just set away an additional $10-$20 a week, you could have an adequate rainy day account spared in under a year. Home Loan Extra Repayment Calculator can work out the amount you have to secure to spare a sure sum. Look at other financial calculators on Loans Direct website.

Internationally recognized CFP Certification for Career in Finance

After taking a basic degree in commerce many students either go for chartered accountancy or a post graduate degree in finance. A career in finance is a good career option that not only earns good money but is also considered to be very respectable socially. There are many financial courses that can give specialization and a definite direction to a career in finance. A certified financial planner course is one such very good option for a successful career in finance.

Financial Courses

There are many courses in Finance Management that are available and which have great market value. Some of them are:

Certified Financial Planner

Chartered Wealth Manager

Other courses related to stock trade and analysis for professionals as well as amateur investors to understand stock markets and how they work are also available. Some of those are:

D-SAT or Diploma in Stock Analysis and Trading

Certificates in Technical Analysis

Smart Investor Programs

Certified Financial Planner course

Certified Financial Planner course or CFP is one of the financial courses that are highly in demand because it increases the opportunities for a career in finance in different financial companies. Many banks and banking services, Broking companies, Insurance companies and Financial companies need the services of CFP.

Since the Certified Financial Planner course is of the highest global standards and the certification is recognized worldwide, the student gets the confidence that he or she has got the right training and education to meet the most stringent job requirements anywhere in the world.

The Certified Financial Planner course is a course that gives super specialization to the financial professional. The credentials of the Financial Planner gives the clients confidence that his financial planning will be done in the best possible way and that his wealth is in good hands. The certificant who is awarded the CFP Certification is in the enviable position as he begins his career in Finance and joins the global network of Financial Planners.

In India FPSB India is the main body that is licensed to award CFPCM Certification. To be able to get the certificate, the student has to enroll in one of the listed education providers that have been enlisted by FPSB. After getting class room training, reading and study material, a collection of questions, students are required to sit for the exams conducted by FPSB India to get the certification.

The Certified financial planner course itself is divided into six modules and these modules comprehensively cover all aspects of Financial Planning. They are:

• Introduction to Financial Planning

• Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning

• Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits

• Investment Planning

• Tax & Estate Planning

• Advanced Financial Planning

Although an internationally recognized course, due importance and stress has been given to the Indian Economic and Financial scenario and while giving a global training the Indian angle has always been the main focus.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Financial Planning

The growth of an individual greatly depends on the growth of his or her financial condition. In the course of making money and saving it for the future, one quite simply ignores the fact that the money will not grow by just keeping it aside and waiting for other resources to drain out before using the saved money. It is essential that the people with the savings, indulge in financial planning before they decide the fate of the money acquired. As per the study and research of Syndicate Finance, a large group of educated, aware and knowledgeable people also need proper financial planning, which means that the layman definitely needs it. Some mistakes that people make while doing financial planning should be known and understood before the nail is driven.

1) It should be ensured that a true account of expenditure and savings is maintained. when everything is noted down and is in record, it becomes simpler to gauge the amount of money that may be invested and the amount that should be kept aside for expenses. People usually invest without a realistic approach and this should be avoided.

2) One should avoid making impulsive investments. This means that any investment should be made with the right kind of knowledge and technical backing. Without true knowledge of how an investment option works, one may not be able to take complete advantage of the type of investment.

3) A common mistake in investment that people make is to investment a great amount in just one or very few resources. It is important to diversify the investment options when money is at stake.

4) One must also avoid investing in something that they may not be able to handle on their own. This means that the sole authority or responsibility of financial planning should not be placed in the hands of someone who is only supposed to guide the investor.

5) Mismanaged financial planning also takes place if the regulations of personal finances are not followed strictly. While laying down ground rules, one must accept the fact that he or she would have to follow it month on month.

6) It is important foresee emergencies and odd expenditures. This implies that if a person is left with a tight cut budget after investments and expenditures, the possibilities are high that he or she might have to face a crisis situation in cases where funds are required urgently.

7) Taking risks in investment is a part of the game, but when the risks are not calculative and one starts to gamble with investments, the entire exercise becomes a potential loss for the investor. One should ensure that the risk factor in investments is minimized.

8) If help is taken in the case of financial planning, one must make sure that individuals or teams that are expert in the field are involved, such as Syndicate Finance in Mumbai. If investment advice is taken from friends and relatives, there are chances that the advice may not be the best.

9) Planning finance should not be limited to creating a comfort zone during a lifetime, it is essential that people learn about insurance and health policies in order to be able to save up and invest in financial safety devices or plans.

10) Finally it must be understood that a financial plan should not be made with the purpose of saving on taxes, but instead it should be made so that the investments serves as a survival and sustenance tool.

Hire Financial Planning Services in Caringbah



Every company, whether small scale or large scale requires financial planning to squeeze out every drop of juice from the available financial resources. A greater weightage has to be paid during the start-ups as most of the resources are wasted during the time.

Hire CPAs or Financial Planners

Managing all by himself or herself will not be the wisest decision one will make, which is the most common thing entrepreneurs do. To do the job, it is highly recommended to hire CPA Accountants in caring bah or Financial Planners in Caring bah.

You read that right. These surely will make a slice in your budget, however, keeping in mind the benefits you will enjoy at the end; this investment is not much of a burden on the revenue of business.

Benefits of hiring an Accountant or Financial Planning Firm

There are many benefits attached to hiring an accountant or financial planner for your firm:

• In the initial stages of business

The accountant of financial advisor will be able to guide you through the problems you will face in the initial stages. In addition, he or she will be able to help you manage resources and profits of your business.

• In the expansion time

The accountant of financial advisor will be able to help you make decisions effectively related to which assets you shall acquire, how to get rid of the liabilities and so on. These factors are major players in the expansion of the business and therefore are to be carefully administered.

• Other benefits

Managing inventory and reducing the overall expenses, helping decided which costs should be cut, managing sources of funds. Informing you the latest changes in financial industry, reducing interest rates, keeping a check on the financial condition of the firm using accounting tools (such as cash flow statement, balance sheet and ratios) and many more can be counted as benefits attached with the firm.

Getting a CPA or Financial Planning Firm

There are a plethora of CPA accounting firm in Sutherland and in the area. One needs to just lookout for them in via any of the means mentioned below:

• Internet: The former is a vast source of information, where anything can be looked. Being no exception to the list; one will be able to find out Financial Planning in Caring bah. Just search for the term ‘financial planners’ followed by the area of concern. From the search results, use any result to find the contact number of firm.

• Local Daily: Under the finance sector of local daily or classified advertisement, check for any posting related to financial planners in the area. Often, many financial planners create an advertisement and publish them regularly to attract new clients.

Verdict on Accounting and Financial Planning

Every company, whether small or large scale shall hire a financial advisor or accountant to help manage the business resources effectively and efficiently. A company will be able to expand only when the financial resources and all are managed in such a way that costs do not create a liability on the business.

Elliot Wave Rule And Elliot Wave Calculator Explained

Introduction: over the years the traders are wondering how the Elliot wave sequence is being interpreted and applied in the trade. Number of book tools by nominate authors and technocrats often explain the wave principle in amore complex way. Certainly the principle is complex and difficult to understand but it is not impossible to master this principle.

The wave principle treats each price action whether raise or fall into two categories. A. Impulsive categories, B. Corrective categories. This convention of naming is being decided based on the force or magnitude of the pricing action. If the price falls in great degree then the action will be treated as an impulsive action. In contrast the corrective action is defined as the smaller force or smaller magnitude of the action. The impulsive wave is named as 1-2-3-4-5 waves and the corrective wave is named as A-B-C waves. The last basic assumption made in this study is the price action of the speculative financial instrument follows the harmonic nature of the motion. The harmonic motion is defined as the probability of returning to the old path in any future time.  Why Elliot principle adopted this definition? The price of financial instrument has greater possibility to revisit its old recorded value in any point of time in future.  How the wave principle has changed the dimension of analysis?  This principle has taken the price time analysis of any financial instrument from statistical average indicator and oscillator approach to the more dynamic approach of price motion, behavior, force, velocity. Since so many new dimensions are being added to the price time study then it has become a need to govern these dynamic actions through a set of common rule. Then the second advance evolution come in this principle is to abide by certain guide line while applying the rules.  Take one small example “A person convicted in the theft case must be arrested by police as per the rule however police has some guide line to file FIR and dispose him before the judge in a stipulated time etc”

In wave principle the same procedure is being followed. However no one knows how the future price action will be. Then the next complex question comes how we will apply it in real trade practice. Quite simple we will construct the waves which will project the future considering the basic rule of construction. If future goes with our anticipation then no need to worry. If the future violates any of our future projection then we will look into the guideline and reconstruct the waves. This process of ours will continue till infinity. Hence we will be doing 2 jobs.

  1. Construct the waves as per the rule.
  2. Follow the guide line if it violate in any point of time then reconstruct it.

Now let me define the Elliot waves 1-2-3-4-5 impulsive wave sequence based on its relation ship with the Fibonacci proportion sequence. In order to draw the wave we must have to take prior trends high and low price in to account.  This is because we need to start from a point of our choice. Assuming that we have a high and low price of a prior trend in our hand we will start the construction in the following ways.

Wave 1: this is the 1st wave of the impulsive cycle and it will be 0.382 %retracement of the prior swing.

Wave 2: this is 0.618 retracement of the wave-1.

Wave 3: this is 1.272 retracement of the wave 1 and has the capacity to extend till the 1.618 retracement of wave 1. Some experts even say it will expand till 2 retracement of wave 1.

Wave 4:  This is 0.618% retracement of wave 3

Wave 5: this is the most critical wave in this sequence as per the definition it will have same length of wave 1 and initial expansion of this wave expand till 1.618 retracement of wave 1. This wave too has a secondary expansion which is 1.618 retracement of wave 3.

The wave 1, wave 3, wave 5 are the same directional wave and happen in the direction of the major trend.  Wave2, wave 4 are against the trend of the main trend or called as counter trend wave. While making an entry trader must look into 2 points in the impulsive cycle.  Wave 3 construction point is the best point to enter the trade or wave 4 termination points.

Similarly the corrective wave sequence A-B-C has following Fibonacci rule

Wave –A this is 0.618 retracement of the prior wave it must be against the prior trend.

Wave –B this is 0.618 retracement of wave – A and may expand till 1.272 retracement of the wave –A

The above discussed points focus on the construction of the waves. While constructing the waves we never knew whether the waves will complete its journey. If the wave fails to achieve the termination or target points then the entire wave pattern uses to take different shapes. Those shapes are defended as Elliot wave patterns. In wave principle 13 different patterns and being given the point of importance. Same time before shaping towards the pattern the failure of waves sequence will inform you how much gap is being formed. The most important thing which we need to look if the pattern is failed is the wave guideline and other wave rules associate with each wave. Those guide line and other generalized rules will give you the in-depth understanding of the future wave pattern, direction of the future trend, future volatility and many more.

In order to simplify your learning I have devised one simple Elliot wave calculator which will give you the construction of each wave based on the above discussed Fibonacci principle. The details usability with example is explained in the calculator manual . You too can construct a wave calculator using the above discussed principle. However  to get the deeper understanding of the wave principle you need to read and spend some time on the individual wave guidelines , other generalized rules and wave patterns. My book on the Technical analysis volume-3 and the DVD course explains those finest concepts in detail.

Money Market Leaders in West Bengal

Money market news is very important for regular as well as occasional investors.  Investors should know about different financial tools which are there in the financial market. Each financial tool news varies from the other. Market changes at the blink of an eye. It is utmost vital to get update with them latest news of the money market. Without latest information about the market, it becomes very risky for the investors. Trading without full acquaintance leads the traders to a loss path. To keep a tab on the happenings of the market is the first step in this hyper turbulent market.

Indian financial market is the most happening and the second largest market of the world. It is driving the attention of huge investors from around the globe. Every day some New Money Market Companies in India’s financial market is adding up. It is attire necessity for investors to keep a check on the new entrant. So that one can get better option to invest .Companies which are new entrant to the market needs through research. Investors should go for its background checks so that investing becomes easier and profitable.

Indian money market is flooded with endless companies. People are showing high end zeal to invest in this market. The same is true for the populace of west Bengal. In this over crowded market everyone wants to earn handsome return but this is only possible if you know which the Best Money Market Company in West Bengal is. As the competition is intense there are many Money Market Companies in West Bengal, you need to carefully select the right company for good rate of return from them. To invest in top Money Market Leaders in West Bengal will be the best option as the majority of people go with them. Eminent companies of the stock market never give you huge unbearable loss. One can expect good rate of return from them. This is the reason investors go for mainly blue chips companies.   is a news portal website which brings for you latest news of the money market.

UBS Financial Services – What Do They Do?

UBS Financial Services is a global company that provides a full range of financial services to individual clients and companies all over the world. In an increasingly globalized world economy that the kind of international expertise that UBS Financial Services can offer is a distinct advantage to all types of client that need to manage their wealth. UBS offers a service that reflects the global nature of financial markets.

UBS Financial Services has offices on every continent. It operates in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. If even this comprehensive network does not put you near a branch of UBS Financial Services you can use the banking online service. UBS Financial Services online banking offers the convenience of making decisions from the comfort of your own home and provides the same range of wealth management and investment services.

Individual customers can benefit from a complete range of financial services. UBS Financial Services offers annuities,401K plans, securities, mutual funds, fund management, wealth management, life and health insurance programs and trust funds. In addition UBS Financial Services can provide an attorney network, Roth IRA accounts, estate planning, account management, retirement distribution analysis, educational funds and fund management and lines of credit. In other word UBS Financial Services offers all the services you would expect to find in a worldwide financial service.

For businesses of all sizes UBS Financial Services offers a comprehensive range of services. UBS Financial Services can provide a customized package consisting of employee stock ownership management, retirement services, corporate cash management, consulting and a global expansion option. Whatever size of business you run UBS Financial Services has something to offer.
If your business already operates globally then UBS Financial services can offer specialized services including rates and currency calculators, equities, fixed income, investment options and help with employee benefit and retirement packages

Non-profit agencies can benefit from UBS Financial Services because the company is sensitive to the specialist needs of this sector. UBS Financial Services is aware of the regulations that effect the disbursement of funds in the non-profit sector. Government agencies, banks and other other lending agencies work with UBS Financial Services enabling the company to develop a unique expertise in this field that can benefit large or small non-profit agencies.

UBS Financial Services operates a specialised online trading system that allows the client to input trades directly. A client who needs advice can work with a financial advisor to develop a portfolio of investments using the expert knowledge of UBS Financial Services. Both companies and individuals can take advantage of this service. This can be done in one of two ways. A brokerage account can have a flat rate fee on each trade or can be charged on the assets in the account. An individual or company that have a high numner of trades will benefit from the second type of fee structure if they keep an steady balance in their asset account.

Basic information on bad credit loans California!

In case you do not have any idea about bad credit loans California then here is some basic information to help you know these kinds of loans.

Bad credit loan is one kind of special loan that is designed for those that have poor credit history. There are several reasons due to which you might have bad score rating which comprises of failure to make credit card payments, failure to repay previous credit agreement, etc. Due to this mainstream lenders and traditional banks stay away from lending to people that have bad score rating. Luckily there are special kinds of loans available for such people with bad credit score.

Some benefits of bad credit loans

Loans for bad credit provide relief to people whose loan applications have been rejected through lenders due to their poor credit history. One of the biggest benefit of this kind of loan is that you can get much needed money which otherwise would not be possible for you.

This refers that you can make use of the money for consolidating your debts, paying for emergency, improving your credit rating, etc. These kinds of loans prove to be financial back up for this kind of people.

One of the good things about these loans is that it can be used to demonstrate to credit rating agencies that you can manage money responsibly and also make timely repayments.

It is essential for you to know that these kinds of loans are available at high interest rates in comparison to the other kinds of loans available. This is because lenders view people with bad credit score as risky to lend.

Different kinds of bad credit loans

The two main kinds of bad credit loans are secured and unsecured loans.

As far as unsecured loans are considered the lenders does not require the borrower to pledge security or asset. This refers that the lender does not have any claim to your property in case you fail to keep up with your repayments. For secured loans the lender will require you to pledge a property or asset as collateral for offering you loan.

Secured loans are available at low interest rate while on the other hand unsecured loans will be available at high interest rates and restrictive terms. But still unsecured loans are most preferred as it does not have any collateral needs. This refers that you will not have to risk your home or any other asset to get the loan.

Lenders can take the possession of the collateral in case of loan default and so secured loans are considered to be less risky for the lenders and this makes it possible to get loan at very decent interest rates.

A Penny Stock Trading Formula That Turned $1,000 into $1000,000 in 1 Month With Just 38 Penny Stock Trades!

This is exactly the same question that bugged the mind of a MIT student who was majoring in applied maths. He was interested in finding penny stocks before everyone else that were on the verge of making a major breakout. After trial and error he was ultimately able to find a secret mathematical formula that predicted penny stocks about to make an explosive move.

Many investors don’t take penny stocks seriously. You won’t find penny stocks being mentioned in most of the major financial media. The reason is simple penny stocks don’t get traded on the regular exchanges rather they get traded on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board OTCBB and on the Pink Sheets. But imagine, a $0.1 per share penny stock skyrocketing to $3 per share in just a matter of a few days. This can be a 3,000% gain in just a matter of few days. If you can capitalize it with your $1,000, it can easily turn into $30,000 in just a few days.

James Connelly a.k.a The Stock Prophet was able to turn his $1,000 into $1 million in 1 month with just 38 penny stock trades using his secret mathematical formula. Read this article to discover the secret mathematical formula that he was able to discover that led him to turn his $1,000 into $1 million in just 1 month!

James Connelly was a brilliant student from the very start. He was interested in stock trading even as a teenager. So, his father taught him how to read stock charts and quarterly earning reports. His dad even subscribed the Wall Street Journal when he was just 16 years of age.

Developing an understanding of the stock market at such a young age gave James an edge. He was fascinated by the unlimited wealth potential that stock investing offers. The stock market to him was a puzzle. He wanted to solve the stock market puzzle.

As a freshman in the college, he opened his first online brokerage account. He started just like any other stock trader analyzing stock charts and trading patterns, using resistance calculators, analyzing financial reports and relearning fundamentals of stock trading.

But soon, stock investing became an obsession with him and he started skipping classes from the college. He was making more money as a stock trader than most of his professors. To James, spending time day trading was more exciting than listening to the boring lectures in the class.

He would pass his time analyzing trading patterns, volume, resistance and other identifiable patterns. He was convinced that he could unlock the secret mathematical formula that could give him the edge and tell him about a stock making an explosive move before anyone else did.

Eventually, James was able to identify four variables that are secret to identifying a breakthrough stock. To this day, James is not willing to disclose those four variable to the public. He was offered a lot of money to disclose his secret by many wealthy investors but he wants everyone to have the same opportunity as he does.

What he is willing to disclose is the role the Psychological Support Levels (PSL) play in his secret mathematical formula in identifying breakthrough penny stocks. While not disclosing his secret mathematical formula that identifies breakthrough penny stocks, James is willing to talk about the importance of PSL in identifying breakthrough penny stocks.

PSL is nothing new for traders and investors. It helps in explaining why a stock can be sold well below it’s actual value. Many investors and traders know this that PSL is a very important factor in identifying an under valued stock. But finding an undervalued stock is one matter and finding a breakthrough stock or for that matter penny stock is another matter.

PSL is still the key or what you can call the missing link when combined with the 4 variables that James discovered and never discloses gives you th secret mathematical formual that identifies breakthrough stocks. The proof that James formula works is his38 penny stock trades that turned his $1,000 into $1 million in just under 1 month!

Why you don’t need to be Casual with the Bad Credit Christmas Loans?

Christmas is there and carols are being sung! But in your case, you are serious and drabbing with your bad credit history. Isn’t it? Well buddy, you just cannot avoid the bad credit situations. In the weak and low economic situations, bad credit history will automatically happen, no matter how much you try to prevent it.  Banks are not as liberal in lending or understand your bad credit problems as other institutions. Their strict guidelines will rarely help you to approve a loan, especially when it is the Christmas. Luckily, the entire procedure with online Christmas Loans for the bad credit borrowers, has become streamlined, and the biggest thing around is that you have the loans available instantly.Your casual behaviour for the bad credit Christmas loans will not save your financial life, but all the more, it is going to put you straight in to the financial drudgery. You just cannot have the Christmas Loans to make your bad credit history good, but these loans will also provide you the base where you are going to celebrate your Christmas and party all the night.

Advantages Associated with the Christmas Loans for the Bad Credit Borrowers

You have the loan disbursed on competitive rate of interests;

Loan deals are nice and easy;

Loans are disbursed quickly;

Wait period is absolutely negligible;

Smart Lending Options;

Word of Cautions!

• You need to look around for the legit direct lender;

• Search for the lender, who is offering you not just the loan, but also professional advice;

• Make e sure the lender is offering you options and benefits;

•  Is the loan suitable to meet your requirements?

• Is the loan relevant to your needs?

• Is the loan offered in time?

With Xmas guaranteed cash loans, you will have the sheer confidence that there is continuous flow of the cash into your kitty, and moreover your need are fulfilled in just a single day. You do not have to make extraordinary efforts in the lending, and more obviously, you do not have to get confused. Ultimately, the whole scenario is that you have the loan and the credit coming up straight into your account. It is going to be the great way of celebrating the Christmas and building up the cash.

Searching for the credible options on the Christmas loans for the bad credit borrowers, can be a really tough or you can even call it to be a gargantuan task. You need to work and continue to work hard each day and every time, until and unless you come across the appropriate credit lender. Above all,  you also need to be sure that the Christmas loans for the bad credit borrowers comes with finest set of lending options. Few of these options include no guarantor, unsecured and the secured. Overall, bad credit Christmas loans will ideally suit your bad credit situation and simultaneously it is going to finance your days of Christmas. In short, you will enjoy a great lending experience ever in your life.

Paid-To-Click (Ptc) Earnings Calculator – Computing Your Online Treasures

Below is the process on how to solve manually your potential daily income on any Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs or you can use this PTC Calculator tool to automatically compute your online treasures from any Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Paid-to-Click (PTC) program this is the simplest, popular and proven money making system on the Internet. To earn income in this program all you have to do is click on the advertisers’ ad and view their website within 30 seconds after that you get paid. This program also has a direct referral bonus wherein every time your direct referral clicks on the ad you will earn.

Your earning potential will depend on the number of paid-to-click programs you signed-up, number of ads to click, how wide is your direct referrals, earnings per personal click and referral earnings per click.

This is how it is done manually. Let us as say you only have one (1) paid-to-click (PTC) program which has ten (10) ads for you to click. Each personal click you will get $0.01 and $0.01 for referral clicks. You also have twenty (20) direct referrals because you mange to invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same. Let us assume that they are star clickers and never miss to click ads every day.  Your daily income potential would be…
Personal Earnings = 1 PTC x 10 Ads x $0.01 Personal Click = $0.10
Referral Earnings  = 1 PTC x 10 Ads x 20 Direct Referrals x $0.01 Referral Click = $2.00
Daily Total Earnings = Personal Earnings + Referral Earings = $2.10

The above earning potential is definitely small because it only involves one (1) Paid-to-Click (PTC) program with only twenty (20) direct referrals. What if you are a hard worker and can manage to diversify and participate on twenty (20) Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs and were able to invite 100 direct referrals for each Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs. Again using the same formula above your daily income potential would be…

Personal Earnings = 20 PTC x 10 Ads x  $0.01 Personal Click = $2.00
Referral Earnings  = 20 PTC x 10 Ads x 100 Direct Referrals x $0.01 Referral Clicks = $200
Daily Total Earings = Personal Earnings + Referral Earnings = $202.00

As you have observed the earning potential now is a lot bigger. Based from the results we can conclude that Paid-to-Click (PTC) program’s earning potential is largely dependent on the number of PTC programs you participate and the number of direct referrals you introduce.

To automatically compute your earning potential on any Paid-to-Click (PTC) you can use this PTC Calculator.

The Future of Investment Banking Services in India

Investment banking India has always been very crucial for the smooth flow of market transactions between various investors, companies, firms and the government. These banks will have a role to play even in the future, irrespective of the economic conditions in the country.

Role of Investment banking companies in India

Investment banking companies generally help their clients to access capital through equity, debt and other kinds of investment products. These firms also trade in equities and derivative products and also help companies with merger and acquisition deals. About a couple of years back, when the world economy was reeling under a recession, many investment banking firms either collapsed or were on the brink of closure. Even a few firms in India were affected by this global downturn. This led to many skeptics writing off the revival of these firms.

What is in store for the future?

The economic downturn revealed that only the strong can swim against the tide and still remain afloat. Those skeptical must realize that the market has its own upheavals and downturns. When you look at the financial strength of these companies, you just cannot ignore them. No wonder, most of these firms bounced back once again. However, the future of Investment banking companies in India looks good, even though we may see new investment guidelines.
Expected Investment Guidelines

Considering what is happening after the economic crash in the United States, even our policy makers may be tempted to bring in some stringent guidelines for investment banking services in India. This may be done with a view to ensure better risk management. Another option which the law makers may think of is tinkering with the claw back option. This will certainly protect the investment companies against fraudulent and unethical traders and companies who might trigger a market crash, thereby causing huge losses. This provision will ensure recovery of their profits. Lastly, banks may be advised to go slow on short term funding in order to reduce mismatch between assets and liabilities.

A Perfect Financial Plan For A Perfect Wedding

Wedding is one of the most beautiful occasion in a person’s life. Whether it is bride’s family or the groom’s family, everyone saves money all their life to make this day perfect for their children. As we know that wedding is a costly affair involving numerous activities, making a financial plan is very important. Financial plans help in managing your expenses and utilize the money in a better way.

Financial planning for a wedding must be made by keeping in mind a few important points. You can follow them in order to extract the most out of your budget:

  1. Clarity: There should be absolute clarity among all the family members regarding the budget of the wedding. It should not be that everyone knows a different figure. The misunderstanding can lead to a mess at a later stage.
  2. Create Segments: Marriage budgets are in a very big figure, usually in Lakhs. Hence, it is advisable to create small segments of the budget, dedicated to every major activity. This segregation helps in keeping aside a specified amount for a particular event.
  3. Make Provisions: Always make provisions for any contingencies in the budget.  This will help you in meeting any unexpected expenditure without any shock. One good thing that you can do is, reduce your budget by 10%, while talking to vendors or wedding planners. This will give you a small cushion for meeting any uncertainties.
  4. Negotiate Hard: Whether it is the wedding planner or any vendor, try to negotiate as much as you can. Ask them to give you the most out of your budget. One good piece of advice is to keep multiple quotations of different vendors to come to a qualitative conclusion.
  5. Look for packages: Try & look for package deals with vendors. It is often considered as reasonable and convenient. For example, some wedding card vendors deal in Gifts & Trousseau Packing. You can ask them for a good deal on a combination thereof.
  6. Keep Track of Timeline & Budget: One should always maintain a detailed record of all the expenditure incurred. This will help in better management of funds and also give you an idea of how much you have used up from your budget.

Thus, by keeping in mind the above suggestions, you can better manage your wedding expenditure in the most effective way possible. Therefore, go in a planned & systematic manner and manage the whole show successfully.

Investment Banking Jobs-Skills and Employment Opportunities

A career in investment banking is considered asone of the most lucrative and paramount career choices for the students. One of the common myths associated with the investment banking jobs is that you have to be from a finance or business background to land in one of those. Instead, nvestment bankers hail from all types of educational backgrounds and regions.

Investment banking Industry’s increasing relevancy in the global economy and the fact that it guarantees long term employment has lured many people to pursue a career in it. Investment banks assist people to raise money through two ways-Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and debt offerings. IPO’s are offered when shares of the company are sold to the general public for the first time. On the other hand, debt offering is presented to private investors for selling it at a fixed rate of interest, allowing companies to collect money without adulterating the ownership of the shareholders alike IPO’s.



What are the top skills of an investment banker

Anything that involves money is crucial by default. Investment Banking is an attractive career option, especially for recent graduates or professionals with a few years of experience. However, you must not ignore the cutting edge competition in the job market. With every aspirant ready to go that extra mile, for investment banking jobs, you need to arm yourself with industry specific skills and in-depth knowledge so as to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Investment banking employers seek high academic achievement, outstanding communication skills and internships in good companies. Some of the important skills that will help you to grab a job with industry leaders are mentioned below-

  • Solid domain knowledge
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Complete tasks within stringent deadlines
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Relationship Building
  • Natural flair for finance and related disciplines

Employment Opportunities

Investment Banking jobs involve working with corporations, govt and other asset management companies. Typical employers include global investment banks, investment department of the large commercial banks or in smaller, regional boutique banks. You will find various graduate schemes available with the investment banks. A day in the life of an investment banker would involve typical work like financial modelling, working through deal memorandum, putting together pitchbooks and so on.

Top investment banks in India are listed below-

  • Bank of America
  • Barclays Bank Plc.
  • B.N.P Paribas
  • Citi Banks
  • Credit Suisse A.G
  • Deutsche Bank
  • J.P Morgan
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • Yes Bank Limited

Two of the common entry level positions include-analysts and associates. Moreover, most treat investment banking jobs as a stepping stone to big league jobs in Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Venture Capital.

Final Say

If the fast paced, competitive, deal-driven world of banking fascinates you and don’t mind putting your social life on hold, then investment banking can be an ideal career option. Just follow your instincts and comprehend the industry dynamics, may be you can bring the next wave of revolution in the sector.

Working Towards Your Financial Goals With A Personal Financial Planner

For clients that haven’t worked with a financial advisor before, the assumption is often that everything starts with investments. What funds to buy, when to buy and how much to invest are typical questions. Since most financial commentary is centered around investing – and because many non fee-only planners make their money from investments – it’s easy to understand why consumers might think that’s where the planning process starts. In our view, though, financial planning starts with establishing a robust financial framework and only once that framework is in place do we turn to a discussion of investments.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a process that begins with establishing financial goals. The goals may be short-term – like purchasing a home or paying for private school – or longer term goals including retirement, funding college for younger children or buying a vacation home. Once the goals are established, a plan framework is constructed that reflects current assets, ability to save, how to invest, the amount needed to fund the goals and other key details. Ultimately, the plan framework maps out steps that the client needs to take in order to have a high likelihood of achieving the financial goals.

Some financial planners offer comprehensive planning, which means that they focus not just on constructing the plan framework, but also on related issues including estate planning, tax planning and risk management. Focusing on these issues allows the client to make optimal decisions and to better manage risks to the plan.

Importance of Financial Planning

Most clients find the most valuable aspect of financial planning is that it confirms whether or not they are on track, and that helps reduce financial stress. A plan is also useful in that it provides very specific information as to what a client needs to do in order to meet their financial goals. With that framework in place, if the unexpected occurs – such as the loss of a job or an unplanned for inheritance – it is possible to quickly assess financial impact and map out options.

An additional benefit of working with a personal financial planner is that the planner – and the planning process – can help a client make optimal financial decisions. Deciding when to finance a purchase versus when to pay cash, or choosing the best insurance coverage can all have material impacts on a client’s financial situation. Finally, the greatest long term benefit we have found for clients who have successfully implemented a financial plan is that they have an ever-expanding choice of options as to how they want to live their lives.

When to seek help from a Financial Planner

Typically, clients seek out a financial advisor when an event has occurred in their lives. The event might be approaching retirement, or receiving an inheritance or having a child. Most of the time, the primary goal of the client is to confirm that they are financial prepared, although in “liquidity events” in which the client receives a large sum of cash, determining how to invest the cash can be the driving concern. In either instance though, the planning process is similar in that it begins with establishing goals and then building the plan framework – including how to invest – within which the client works to pursue those goals.

In searching for a financial planner, a few good resources include the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (, which is an umbrella organization for fee-only financial advisors, and the CFP Board (, the governing body for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERs™. Once you have identified a few potential advisors, interview them by phone or in-person, and ask for references. While experience, qualifications and whether or not the planner works via fees or commission are all important, a good fit between client and financial advisor is extremely important as well.

Financial Calculator – Choose the Best

Let’s look at two of HP’s most reputable business and financial calculator that have done really well for a market segment that needs speedy answers to complex statistical data, mathematical and financial data. The two calculators that we are referring to are the HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator and the HO 17bII + Financial Business Calculator. Although the basics of these two upbeat calculators are almost similar, as they have been constructed to meet similar requirements, there seems to be a few differences. For instance the HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator is an advanced version of the HP 12c Financial Programmable Calculator. While the HP 17bII + Financial Business Calculator is a super version of the HP 10bII business calculator.

Let’s look at both these calculators and understand its unique features.

HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator

This version of the HP financial calculator is a collector’s edition as it is the 25th anniversary special.  The platinum version is an excellent calculator for those who belong to the real estate, accounting, business, finance and economic industry. This calculator has been tested over time and with its 120 built in functions, it sure has a lot of followers. These followers have excellent reviews for this calculator and rely entirely on it to give them accurate calculations which otherwise would have been difficult without the help of its functions. This calculator has a memory capacity of 399 steps which is truly commendable and thus this is the reason why it can give you accurate results for long complex calculations. You can even make use of its time and date management which aids in date arithmetic, which is essential for any financial or investment planning. With a range of functions separately for business, finance, mathematical and statistical requirement you can rely entirely on this calculator.

HP 17bII + Financial Business Calculator

This financial calculator is an excellent tool for those working in real estate accounting, finance and business.  Because of its easy to use and powerful functions you can calculate loan payments, conversions, interest rates, percentage, standard deviation, TVM, IRR, NPV, bonds and cash flows accurately and easily.  This calculator comes with a memory span of 28K and with over 250 functions that help perform several complex calculations on them.  A few features that are embedded in this financial calculator are fixing appointment, clock, algebraic data entry; menu prompts, HP solve application and message you will never miss out on anything that you find important. This calculator infact works like the smallest of smallest pocket computers that not only lets you enable the alarm, but also gives you reminders of appointments.  The prompts and messages again are a new feature and has never been used in any of HP’s other financial calculators. This financial calculator has been permitted for exams like the CFP certification exam. Like the other HP calculators this one also works to preserve its battery power with the auto off feature. This feature turns off the calculator if not used in 10 minutes.

With excellent quality and brand name, these two calculators by HP is a great investment.

Bad credit mortgage loan Wisconsin for your financial requirements

Avail the Bad credit mortgage loan Wisconsin at best rates from a reliable financial institution.

There are a lot of people who wish have a house of their own without facing any troubles. However it is impossible in the case if you have a bad credit rate. But there are still possibilities that you can still avail the Bad credit mortgage loan Wisconsin if you follow a few steps. Getting a mortgage loan is not a simple procedure. In this article you will come to know things that will help you get the loan approved.

One of the important deciding factors that decide the approval of the loan is a good credit score. Though, the credit score is not the only factor. The applicant should posses a stable job that offers them with a steady income flow and also other assets that will persuade the loan provider you with the loan instead you have a bad credit score. The financial institutions do not see any problem to offer you with the loan until you prove them that you are capable enough of paying away the amount along with the interest.

When it comes to Bad credit mortgage loan Wisconsin then the situation becomes critical because the amount of money that is associated is big so the loan providers do not want to take any risk. If you prove the lenders that you are capable of paying away the loan there are chances that your loan might get approved. When you apply for the loan then the financial institution will review your application and credit score. In case you have bad score then they will find out the reason behind it and accordingly see whether to offer you with the loan or not. After going through your credit report and correcting your mistakes if you still have a bad score then they will find out the debt you have to pay.

If the amount of debt is high compared to the amount that you are going to get through Bad credit mortgage loan Wisconsin then you might not stand a good chance in availing the loan. You should get in touch with a reliable company who will offer you the mortgage easily without going through any troubles. Randomly selecting any company will not help you out in a better way so it is advised to do a bit research and then opt for their services.  You can go through their website and check out the loan and mortgage programs they are offering to you and select the suitable program.